October 29, 2010

Track or Treat is Tonight

Don't forget that tonight is Track or Treat 4.

bike jerks flyer option 2.1
Thanks again to Greg Bemis for hooking up such an awesome flyer

Show up under the Hennepin Bridge on Nicollet Island at 10pm. Bring a few beers. There will be a trackstand comp, and then the main race. After the race we're going to Jimmy's in NE.

I have a bunch of prizes so your chances of winning something is very very good.

I don't have the access to the pics of the wheels or the prizes from Mishka at the moment, due to an error on my part, but our homies at Affinity sent over a bunch of their classic Don't Steal Bikes Bro t's.
backpack 002

get stoked.

1 comment:

rdrey said...

ahh wish i could be there. race safe and get rad! my money's on brandonb >:).