July 31, 2012

Bike Jerks Jersey Proofs


Swung by T6 the other day to check out the jersey proofs.

The real things should be here in a few weeks.

All-City Prizes Have Arrived


A banging Big Block Shelby in size 52cm.  Word.

PDW Omnium


Matt's Pierre


Look Book: The Taste of Victory

SK Tasting Victory In His Mouth photo by Bjorn

SK champagne shower after his team laid waste to the competition at the Riverwest 24.

Bike Jerks Represent!



Summer Essentials

seriously, give it a try



July 30, 2012

ACC Bandit Cross August 16th


Hello folks,
I'm pleased to announce that on August 16th we'll be running Bandit Cross down at our old stomping grounds of Hobo Camp in the Bryn Mawr Meadows.

If you're not familiar, Bandit Cross is a single speed cyclocross race (though any type of bike is allowed, if you've got a single speed bring it), that is free to all.  There is no entry fee, no prizes, and no bad attitudes.  It's a free for all event designed to get more people in the cycling community stoked on racing cross.

After the event we will head to Fulton Brewery for the Minneapolis premier of Bandit Cross: Ruining It For Everyone and plenty of beer.

If you haven't seen the trailer, it's a 15 minute documentary produced by QBP about my little race series.  The intent of which is to show people that they too can organize one of these things and do something good for their cycling community.

Bandit Cross: Ruining It For Everybody Trailer from Quality Bicycle Products on Vimeo.

If you've got a blog or Facebook, please repost.
Facebook Event Page here
Hope to see you there.

BMX Video Monday

The always highly watchable Sean Burns.

He's been my favorite rider to watch since his jaw dropping part in Anthem 2*, but until the above, I had no idea he had such a strong tech game.

dude's awesome.

*if you haven't seen it, you need to now

July 29, 2012

Merckx Sunday

Some photos of the incomparable Eddy Merckx that I quite fancy.





What A Great Idea

for alleycat trophies


July 28, 2012

El Cerebro Benefit


Come on down to the party August 4th for some bands at Club Jager

Phil Wood Prizes

IMG_4702 IMG_4704 These fine track hubs will likely go to the winner of the fixed gear crit. Which I'm thinking we'll probably do on Thursday instead of Friday, since I'm betting on less police presence on the streets during the week.

July 27, 2012

Friday Funday with B.Ridget


IMG_4675 IMG_4676 IMG_4682 In case you were wondering, these parts were mounted on a Scwhinn Paramount Tandem that looked to be from the 70's.


IMG_4719 I got the 7 minute version, now I'm thinking I should have tried to find a radio edit. still, this is pretty awesome. Getting my set together for the ACC afterparty

Fyxation & Outlier Prizes Have Arrived

IMG_4711 some banging cloth bar tape and a set of bullhorns from Fyxation Fyxation Logo - Black and White and these crazy nice caps from our friends at Outlier. IMG_4709 outlier

July 26, 2012



The Hub Mural

I was out and about yesterday and after swinging into the Hub I shot a couple of pics of their newish mural. IMG_4694 IMG_4696 IMG_4697

P.S. they had a badass yellow Terry Osell tandem that sported this Columbus decal that I'd never seen before.
was this tubing tandem specific?

MIlwaukee Bicycle Company Prizes Have Arrived

IMG_4713 Huge thanks to our homies at the MKE Bike co. milw_bike_logo

The Full Package

Men of the Minneapolis Bicycle Messenger Assocation Revealed full package handbill you know you need one!

July 25, 2012

Kit Preorder Update

The kits have not yet arrived from the manufacturer, but I'll get them out as soon as they do. I'm hoping in the next two weeks. sorry for the delay. securedownload-1

Stolen Surly Steamroller

photo this just came in: I was told through a friend of mine to inform you about my bike which got stolen last night from Triple Rock Social Club (Cedar-Riverside Area). It was locked up and the cable had to of been cut. It was a maroonish-brown 59cm Surly Steamroller with gold velocity deep v's. I had just recently put on new odyssey pedals with beard straps which were white-ish yellow. It had matching gold sugino cranks as well. The color of the grip tape was cork. I had put 3 fairly distinctive stickers on the bike as well. One was orange, one was white and green, and one was a circle ying yang design. I will attach two different images of it. one is when i first got the bike and the other is a lot more recent. If there is anything you could do to help i would be so thankful. photo1 If you see it, grab it and get at me.

Minnesota Nice

Serious Business

Happy Birthday

you big stinker


July 22, 2012



July 21, 2012

Update: Pembo Found


tonight Josh's beloved dog, and Bike Jerks Wolfpack founder, Pembo went missing in Uptown around Josh's apartment near 34th and Grand. Pembo is sick and out of it he hasn't eaten in 12 hours and is grumpy and dazed, he wandered from his yard and just kept going.  This is very unlike him.

My ass is stuck in Utah and unable to offer my best friend the help he needs at this time.

My ask of you: please get out there on your bikes and canvas the area and help find this pooch. Check the yard, alleys, etc, call out his name. He has a distinct high pitched bark that you can't miss. Please help in this time of need.

Earlier tonight, some dude brought Pembo home.  Apparently he had passed out in the guy's yard and the guy let him in the fenced in back.  He slept it off, and the guy let him out and he walked home to Josh with the man following him.  I don't really have the story down as I was only able to speak to Josh for a short while. But he's safe with his owner.

Josh told me he saw a whole bunch of people slow rolling through the neighborhood on bikes.  Thanks a ton to everyone who made the effort.  It means a lot.




July 20, 2012

July 18, 2012


tumblr_lpomtvoZtw1qclmabo1_1280 just loving this illustration

Summer Essentials

yacht rock I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne!

July 17, 2012

Tom LaMarche

holy shit watch this

Dose of Awesome


Southside Suicide

Saturday brought the 2012 rendition of Leif's summer classic, the Southside Suicide.

I was hoping to race, though due to my ongoing illness and the fact that I got rocked off my face the night before, I gave my troubled body a break and just hung out at Joshy's house which was a stop on the course.

Here are some of my favorites from an afternoon spent hanging on a stoop.  You can peep the rest here.