August 31, 2009

Kane Roberts


Trash Bags World Headquarters

look like this:
it's a tiny little operation and all your bags are personally made by Andy with care

the finished product turned out this way

now you know.
support local tiny industry

August 29, 2009

Freeride 4

140 or so riders
see you next year

August 28, 2009

From the Surly Blog

In today's post Mr. Kenny Bloggins writes:

Lastly today, to the guy who wrote in to bitch us out because we did not accomodate him by specifically addressing on our website whether or not he would be able to do barspins on a stock Steamroller: You, sir, are an asshat. It's one thing to write to us and ask if you can do barspins with the Steamroller. You want to do barspins? Great. But it's just bad form to write in to us angry because we don't specifically address on our website the burning issue of barspins. Get bent.

(By the way, the answer is no, not without some modifications like a smaller wheel or different fork or shorter crank arms. Happy? Good. Go drink your milk.)


Freeman Transport Toe Straps

Nathaniel Freeman recently set me up with a set of their gorgeous double toe straps
Handmade in the U.S., these are the kind of item that your grandfather might pass down to you, if you were the luckiest boy in the world, and your grandfather just happened to be a badass cyclist in the 30's.

The craftsmanship and materials are impeccable and they are some of the nicest bike parts I have laid my hands on. You know how you can just feel the precision machining of a Chris King headset deep inside, instinctively you know that it is second to none. Same with these. To say they are fucking baller is an understatement, and I'm losing my shit even thinking about mounting them on my Cappy.


Alo I've had some of you email me and wondering why I have the opportunity to get down with Freeman when they are a Montana company. The answer is that their headquarters and hearts are in Montana, but Nathaniel's (one half of Freeman) ass currently resides in the MPLS.
I'm claiming Freeman as ours.

I'll post more about them, and some pics of them on the bike (which looks way nicer now!) soon.

thanks again Nathan!

I wear my scars

like the rings on a pimp

August 26, 2009

Possessed to Skate

Capricorn Custom bag mounts

Brad from Capricorn fabricated this cool bag attachment


In Brad's words:

Many of you will have seen this bag at its debut at Minnecycle. Over the course of the subsequent week I've been using it daily, but was never really satisfied with the mounts. So I made a decaleur. Normally these aren't very impressive pieces of hardware. And it's not that I sought to make anything any better than anyone else, but I may have gotten a little carried away with this one, as is my wont sometimes. Most importantly: it works and it provides a solid connection for the bag, which doesn't flop around anymore. If I never make something like this again, I'm totally fine with that. This was something that lodged itself under my bonnet and literally had to be made.

Benefit for Anitra

there's an upcoming benefit for our friend and Gnome Fest organizer Anitra


All City Polo Tourney

here are my pics from the polo tourney. the Cosmopolotans won. (oh you polo kids and your puns


Nice job Connor!

ACC 09 Trick Comp Video

Big thanks to all of you who showed up and made it such a success. Seeing people ringing the upper levels of the garage to watch the riding was one of the most memorable moments of the weekend for me. Thanks for that.

All City Trick Comp 2009 from BikeJerks on Vimeo.

In case you are from out of town.

First Place, Mike Carney (orange bike)
Second Place, Jesse Hilliard (red bike, check that bent to shit fork)
Third Place, Little Bob (purple bike)

Thanks to our ace video man, Kevvy.

August 25, 2009


BeeGoma. by Bee from ryo ubota on Vimeo.


My Summer Shit from chris clappe on Vimeo.

Free Ride 4 -this Saturday

The ride that was supposed to happen last weekend is now happening this weekend. Grab some beer and a croozer and come on down!

August 24, 2009

All City CHampionship Results

Once more, thanks to all the sponsors, riders, and volunteers. A special thanks to Emily, our volunteer coordinator, and Amy C and Kayla (Babes in Bikeland) for regulating the finish.

Around 147 people participated in the main race and all made it back safe. The party was good, but I think we need one more keg next time. Cheers to all of you, it was a hell of a weekend.

(sorry for the shitty pics of the event, everything happened after dark and I'm not exactly packing a pro setup)

1 Trevor
2 Brauer
3 Curlybro

1 Beth (fucking Beezy!)
2 Jana
3 Cayla B

Masters (35+)

Out of Town

DFL: Tim Gellerman (most fun wins)

see you all at Track or Treat!

All-City Dropout Color Schemes

via All City Blog





August 23, 2009

Chris Akrigg

starts off slow, but gets awesome.

uk trials guy

One gear No idea from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

August 22, 2009

It's All City weekend, and everybody's celebratin

Saturday Aug 22nd *Race Day*
All City Championship 2009 Alleycat
Meet at One on One at 7pm. Race at 8pm.
Race cut off 11pm

Race finish, awards and afterparty at One on One

got the ice

the keg's are chilling as I write this

see you tonight!

Trash Bags Champ Bag


That's King Kong on the Foshay building with the Cherry Spoon. Great job Andy. This is the men's winner bag. The ladies will get the Seagull

Sprints and Trackstands

Great turnout, a shitload of fun

Here are your winners. IMG_1543 Carissa, The Robeast Trevor Crayton, and Arthur. Ladies Sprints, Men's Sprints, Trackstands

The beast put his Big Block to good use

IMG_1525I was riding traffic with the trailer and getting rad with mine

locked up at the afterparty

August 21, 2009

Tonight: Sprints and Trackstands

Friday Aug 21st - 10pm
Pre Reg, Match Sprints, and Trackstand
-meet at 4th st n and 6th ave n in warehouse district

Trackstand first then Match Sprints

The winner of Trackstand will receive
A proto Banjo white backpack, a set of Milwaukee track hubs, and an All-City Nice hat

The sprint champs will receive
that's the ladies prize (two bags) on the left and the men's (bag, cog, flask) on the right

The sprints will consist of a single elimination tournament. the course will be around 70 yards.

some other random ACC business:

The Profiles for the winner of the trick comp got here today, and are already in Mike Carney's hands

Uhoh toys shirts were dropped of yesterday. they look like this

and lastly:
I have been screenprinting a bunch of shirts and hats in preparation for this weekend and will have some stuff with me tonight at sprints. I will also have a table setup at registration on Saturday. I know that no one wants to buy stuff before the race, but unlike last year, I won't have a merch table at the afterparty, so if there's something you want, please get it before the race. Holly from Grovecraft will also be selling hats at registration.IMG_1515and to all of you out there who continue to support Bike Jerks by buying our stuff. Thank you so much