December 30, 2008

Warehouse Sesh

We had a killer filming session last night, big thanks to Carney, Vinnie, and of course Andy.

December 29, 2008

Stupor Bowl 12 January 30-31

Leif and the boys have put up Stupor Bowl 12's Myspace page.For those who don't know, this is the gnarliest race in the country and is a must for any alleycat enthusiast. It is the longest continually running messenger race (thrown by actual messengers) in the United States, even older than the NACC's.
It is long, cold, and hard. Last year local ace Landon pulled his lady Susan to first place overall victory. To put that in perspective she beat several past Stupor Bowl winners, as well as at least one former national champ.

Matt and I teamed up for a 6th and 4th place finish respectively last year and are on the hunt for the podium this year. I've already begun my training program of long rides, extra booze, and a hearty winter beard,however I am still trying to figure out if it's going to be the speed or drunk race for me this year.

If you've ever wanted to check out the bike scene in Minneapolis. There will be 400 plus riders from all over the world, events multiple days, great prizes (Bike Jerks is of course sponsoring again) and unpredictable temps (25 degrees last year, -30 the year before). This is one of the most unique and historic alleycats in the world and is not to be missed.
Minneapolis loves out of towners and we will treat you like gold. More updates soon as info comes in.
link to their website here:Stupor Bowl 12

Titanic Bike

What you are looking at is not a bike left out in the rain or snow, nor is it a victim of road salt. None of those things could have done this thorough of a rusting job.
No, what you are seeing is a fellow that I used to work withs trainer bike. Dude rides this thing like a banshee in the winter, puts rags down all over the floor to catch the sweat, and rides harder on a trainer than you could ever believe. The amount of sweat this guy puts out is legendary, and you can see the complete and total devestation his bodily fluids cause on his bike. He actually has two of these things, one at home, and one at work. Around the shop we always referred to it as the Titanic bike as the most apt comparison in memory are the photos of the rusty ship on the ocean bottom. Make sure to click on the photos and enlarge them, they're so nasty they make robots shift uncomfortably in their seats.

Note the light blue/green color the nipples have turned

A Very Pugsley Christmas

The boys over at Surly were kind enough to let me borrow a Pugsley over the holiday so that I could do some trail riding in Rhinelander. And it was so awesome.
I love this bike. It fits me like a glove and I was able to do my first block long wheely. I've always been one of those dudes who can really ride a bike, but lack the wheely gene. I've been working on learning to wheely my Brooklyn, but it's going to be this Pugsley that seals the deal and finally teaches me to trust the balance point and pedal continuously. Fixed gear Pugsley wheelying video coming soon.

December 24, 2008

I'll be home for Christmas

which likely means no new posts until next weekget ready for New Year's

December 23, 2008

Few Gears Eve

You had me at Free Beer


Merry Christmas

Here are my gifts to you:

December 22, 2008

Indoor Velodrome in Boulder

Whilst trolling the web (on the cyclejerks site actually, and to answer the questions I usually get about them: no we're not affiliated, yes I'm aware that they exist, no, I don't know who was around first, no they're not my enemies.) I discovered that Boulder is not only getting it's own indoor Velodrome of somewhat unusual length (142m) and banking (45 degrees) but also an indoor mtb park as well. Now, I'll be the first to chime in with "Boulder Sucks" whenever the town is brought up. A few years ago I drove into town and the first thing I spot is a Porsche with a Dead Kenedy's sticker on it and boom; opinion formed: this place blows.
That opinion was furthered by the fact that the place is a douche bag magnet and the whole town is new construction and looks like 50th and France (the richest part of the wealthiest suburb in the city).
Now I will be the first to admit that not everyone who lives there is a douche (Luby for one kicks ass) and the riding and recreating opportunities there are great. It just seems to me that Boulder is the definitive example of what happens when Money (with a capital M) comes to town and destroys local culture. It's Disneyfication and gentrification personified.
Now me, I'm more of a Western Slope kind of guy. I like poor people, old places, and character.
Though I vehemently dislike Boulder, even I've got to admit that the fact that they're not only getting an indoor velodrome, but a MTB park as well is simply amazing.
Congrats, all you denizens of the Front Range. Now, make sure you get out there and ride. If this business is successful it will hopefully set a precedent for the sustainablity of indoor velodromes in the U.S.
more info can be found here: Boulder Indoor Cycling

December 21, 2008

Monster Track X

Looks like Monstertrack is back on for 09 check their site here Monster Track X

December 20, 2008

Grant Park Bike Thief

Apparently this still is taken from a surveillance video of a man stealing a bicycle in the Grant Park neighborhood. There have been a slew of thefts in that area and in the city in general as of late. This is what one of them looks like. Make a note.

Seen in Bathrooms

do yourself a favor and click on this photo to enlarge it and really take in the radness. The best above urinal advertisement ever.

December 18, 2008


I've decided to do a second run of hoodies. I know I missed some people the first time. I'm really proud of the use that my friends get out of them. holla

All-City Blog

I just wanted to let you folks know that the All-City Blog (you know , the company that I work for as the Sales and Marketing guy, whose name is in tribute to the mighty All-City Championship, whose product provides excellent value and style) is up and running. Check it out here

how to get laid

nothing impresses chicks more than nose endos to front flips.

This guy knows it,
Biker Fox knows it,

and now so do you

you're welcome

December 17, 2008

Bike Crashes

I doubt this guy is going to help you up after running you down. This is a photo of a drunk driver in Texas passing out at the wheel and plowing into a bike race. It's inconceivable that things like this actually happen. You're having a good old time riding some road, and bam. Lights out.

December 16, 2008

I will never get sick of

this photoproof that genius is at work all around us

December 15, 2008

The Passion of Karaoke

Nobody commits like Dirty.
You just gotta sell it.

Cat with Beer Cans on Head

See I told you.
The ultra famous Stevil from Swobo sent this in a correspondance, and I thought you might like it.

Oh and did I mention that I corresponded with Stevil, no big whup, but KOBD over here. Name dropping is your new fixed gear.
yeah guy.

the weather

I clearly remember the moment this past summer when it hit me: Summer sucks. It's true. I said it and I believed it, I still do to some extent, however these past few winter days have made me miss those muggy unbearably nasty Minnesota summer days. In the northern midwest we have spring and fall. Those are the glorious days of reasonable temps, easy outdoor activity, and brats as far as the eye can see. Summer is suckily humid and winter is a flat out bitch!
Yesterday we had our first bout of freezing rain. I parked my bike outside Midwest Mountaineering for about 45 minutes and when I came out my Brooklyn had completely frozen over. I couldn't get my cranks to turn on a fucking fixie there was so much ice. Today, it's -20 with a windchill.

However today is not a day of sorrow but one of joy, because it's -20 degrees and I am able to remark that "it's not that cold."
Yes, it's finally that time of winter when our bodies are fat and resilient. A few weeks ago if it dipped much past 20 I was cussing a storm. No longer, the turning point was today, and from here on out it's easy sailing.

Here is a picture from a nice spring day.

See you later, it's -20 and it ain't so bad.

December 14, 2008

Hedgehog Nurse

At bedtime Friday evening it was noted that Bootsy (B.Ridget's Hedgehog) was sleeping in his Chube (chewy tube thing) instead of his Igloo. This odd occurrence was noted, and in the morning we found him in the exact same position. His breathing was faint and slow as well. This put us into panic mode, since they're somewhat delicate little creatures and B.Ridget almost lost him to dehydration earlier in the year.
He was turbo balled up and didn't even acknowledge the fact that I picked him up (hedgie's are grumpy and they make that fact known with some snuffles and noise in most situations). We then put him in the tub to try to get him unballed (which is the thing to do to unball one of these critters) and he just sat there in the water all balled up for a few minutes. During this time we started to get even more worried, this was very weird behavior. However after a few minutes he started to unfurl himself and open his little beady eyes. The problem however is that he was walking like a drunken sailor and shaking all over the place.

While all this was happening, B.Ridge jumped on the computer and did some research and we came to realize that the little buddy had gone into hibernation. Apparently if the temp drops below 68 or so, this is not uncommon. The problem though is that African Hedgehogs (like Boots) don't know how to properly prepare for hibernation by storing up the needed fat, and a pet hedgehog that goes into hibernation will likely be dead in a few days.

Here are some pics of Bootsy waking up and me as his doting nurse.
*notice the hedgehog wrangling gloves, as he's pokey as shit when in ball form*

The remedy to our situation was human body heat, blankets, and a heating fan. After about an hour or so of sitting under some blankets with us on the couch he came around and started acting like his grumpy old self, and he now has a heater next to his cage to make sure this doesn't happen again.

December 13, 2008

Season's Greetings

From James and B.Ridget

December 12, 2008


Stole from Bummer Life

better recognize

and if you don't know, now you know

December 11, 2008

Greenway Assaults

‘Midtown Greenway - Hiawatha LRT Trail’

Recently we’ve had series of robbery/assaults on the Midtown Greenway. They’ve occurred in both the 3rd and 5th Precincts at different locations along the trail.

Typically the victim is surrounded and pushed off their bicycle. The attackers are taking wallets, backpacks and purses. Many of the assaults have occurred after dark. Some have occurred during daylight hours. So far the attackers are not stealing the victim’s bicycles.

The suspects have been described by their victims as groups of 2 or 3 younger males. At this time we do not have more specific descriptions of the suspects. It appears that more than one group of suspects may be committing these crimes.

The Minneapolis Police Department is investigating these crimes. Police are doing extra patrol on the Greenway. The Police Dept. met with the Midtown Greenway Coalition to discuss some prevention strategies.

What You Can Do?
 If you can, avoid riding or walking the Greenway after dark.

 Whenever possible ride/walk with others, not alone. You are much safer with a group than you are alone.

 There are “Bluelight” phones at intervals on the Greenway that will connect you directly to 911. Carry a cell phone as well. If you aren’t close to a phone, you can call 911 if you need help.

 Pay attention to your surroundings. If you see people ahead of you, that make you nervous or uncomfortable, exit the Greenway at the nearest ramp.

 If you should be assaulted, try to stay calm. Give the attackers what they want. The more you resist, the more likely it is that you will be injured.

 Be sure to wear a bike helmet while riding. If will reduce you chances of injury considerably.

 When you call 911 give the operator your location. Due to recent changes in our police reporting system, the Greenway is now listed as a street (i.e. Midtown Greenway W. (Nicollet Ave. westward) and Midtown Greenway E. (East of Nicollet to the river). When you riding or walking during daylight hours take some time to familiarize yourself with the addresses of the cross streets over the trail. It will help ensure a quicker police response.

If you have questions please contact Crime Prevention Specialist Don Greeley at the 3rd Precinct – 673-3482 or

December 10, 2008

Fixie Kids

These guys know how to have a good time


I was poking around the Sibley Bike Depot site and found this video featuring Kevin: Bike Jerks family member and IT and video guy. I had no idea how much the camera loves Kevvy. Check it out.
About the Sibley Bike Depot from Sibley Bike Depot on Vimeo

Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of All Time

My roomate and I were chatting the other day about The Chronic 2001, and we both agreed that it might be the greatest hip hop album of all time. I'm sure all you indie rap kids will cry foul that I would choose a mainstream album as the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time, thanks L.L.). However the album front to back is one of the most amazing things ever committed to tape. Every track is classic (even though I don't care for Eminem's tracks) and the production is simply amazing. This album was the perfect closer to 90's era rap, and bookended the decade perfectly along with the original Chronic.

So after having this conversation I wondered what else might be in my top rap albums of all time, and here's a list of 10. They are in loose order of preference since it would take too much energy to really try and pinpoint an exact order in terms of preference.

And in case you're wondering about my credentials in this matter, I was once a huge indie rap nerd and used to put out mixtapes under a few different monikers. Most notably and perhaps embarrassingly Hearts2Large (see I'm b-boy as shit), but cut me some slack I was young. and who among us didn't go through an emotional and moody phase in their early 20's and get way too into Atmosphere for their own good. Hit me up and I'll make you some copies sucka. Anyway, the point is that I care about this shit and therefore you best respect the list.

Also it seems like people love it when I post stuff that they can comment on. So here you go comment on this.

1. The Chronic 2001, Dr. Dre - delivered Snoop back to us, the beats are flawless and genius, gangsta as fuck.
2. Bobby Digital in Stereo- Bobby Digital- So creative, so bad ass, so silly, so amazing.
3. 3 Feet High and Rising-De La Soul- Way back in '88, the creativity and the production would not be matched for a long time. A true landmark and watershed album, introduced the native tongue movement to the world.
4. Doggystyle-Snoop Dogg- Dr. Dre. produced, the archetype for G Funk era albums. Every song is gold.
5. The Score-Fugees-for a long time I never listened to this record because I thought it was chick shit (killing me softly), I now lament all the time I ignored it. The production is arguably the best since Doggystyle, although the skits are terrible.
6.Endtroducing-DJ Shadow- if you don't own it, what the fuck are you waiting for.
7. Dr. Octagonecologyst-Dr. Octagon- Dan the Automator's production on this album is stunning, Kool Keith is in rare form. I also recommend the instramental version.
8. Reachin-Digable Planets- the height of hippy feel good rap. Despite the fact that I just said it is "hippy feel good rap" don't sleep on this album.
9. ATLiens-Outkast- nobody saw this one coming, put the south on the map.
10. LabCabinCalifornia-Pharcyde- this should be way up the list, but I'm too lazy to reorganize and besides I told you the order was done in haste. LabCabinCalifornia is the greatest back yard barbeque album, period. if you don't have it, you better get it.

It's kind of funny to me that even though I once prided myself on my knowledge of underground hip hop in all it's forms, all of the albums on my list are mainstream except for Endtroducing. Also one album I wanted to put on the list but didn't was local group Mel Gibson & the Pant's album A Mannequin American. It is fucking unreal. go get it.

so that's my quick little list of rap albums that I like. okay

Gangsta Cross

whilst trolliing the interweb, I came across this picture of Austin cyclocrossing his Gangsta. Word from the BMW site says he took third.

I also spotted this pick from LSD in Korea of a fashion store merchandised with Fixies.


this video is the shit.

December 9, 2008

Tom LaMarche Joins Charge

By now I'm sure that everyone who gives a shit, knows that Tom LaMarche has left Brooklyn Machine Works and is now riding for Charge. This is the first big move for a sponsored fixed gear rider in the still nascent world of fixed gear freestyle. Tom is arguably the best freestyler in the world (or at least the best of the "BMX" style of riders), and his departure from Brooklyn is a major event as other companies bring out freestyle frames and cut into Brooklyn's dominance of the market.

Does this mean that we'll start seeing Charge bikes popping up in the U.S.? Is this their starting point for U.S. domination?
Are Brooklyn Gangstas not the "it" bike to have anymore?

It is a very interesting development as Brooklyn has housed the nations best Alleycat Racer in Austin Horse, and the best freestyler in Tom. A very big coup for a smallish company.
It'll be very interesting to see what this will do to the trends in freestyle and I'm excited to see how this reverberates around the small fixed gear community.
While we wait to see how this effects things I can only guarantee you one thing: I'm going to keep riding the shit out of my Brooklyn. Those are my boys!

The ugliest bike in the world

Kevin alerted me to this post on fixed gear gallery, I can't get the photos off of it so you'll have to click it to see what I'm talking aobut.

Here are the poster's comments:

Hey Guys,
My name is Loren and I am from Sacramento, Ca. Here is my fixie project.... I found this 10 speed on the side of the road "dead", and I stripped it down and am in the process of creating my first fixie. I am going to paint it and get a better crank and stem for it!!!!
Definitely not bad for free.... and some persistence and work and you got a nice bike!! I get looks everywhere.
Here's the pics

They say that love is blind, and from the looks of this bike that certainly seems to be the case. From the seat angle, to the stem, to the rear wheel, to the slack chain and 650 front wheel. This thing is a rolling nightmare.

I immediately assumed it must be a joke, a parody of all those who post on fixed gear gallery and a mockery of fixed gear culture, that is until I reached the last pic. It's black and white, and everybody knows that black and white can only be used in the most sincerest of situations.
I am indeed sure of one thing however, and that is the accuracy of the statement "I get looks everywhere." Indeed.

Normally I would also assume that perhaps the owner has no loot (in which case ride whatever the fuck you got) and that this is the only thing she can afford. However judging from the front wheel and rear wheels, and white chain, she clearly is putting real money into this thing. In which case it's totally fine to tease her about it.

I'm glad that someone loves this bike, but I've got to end this post, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.


I recently picked up this Faggin (Fahjeen), it's a 52 with a 54.5 toptube. It's a bit beatup but is classic Italian in every way in which a bike can be classic Italian. Pantographed lugs, bottom bracket cutout, campagnolo dropouts, shitty paint, Columbus tubes, etc. There are a few curious things about her though, it has what appears to be a Benotto track fork on it and curiously sports a Masi Milan decal on the top tube and the brake bridge. The lugs are clearly Faggin, and I doubt very much that Masi Milan (not to be confused with Masi USA) would use Faggin lugs on one of their bikes. This leaves the conclusion that some previous owner added the Masi decals, but why? I'd like to believe that there is something special going on with this bike, but I have no idea what the Masi decals are all about. Anyway it's a classic Italian track bike, and it's pretty darn neat.

I like

this photo. I was poking around some Japanese fixed gear blogs and enjoyed it, and thought maybe you would too. nice color

December 8, 2008

Ice Beard

So it's been snowing all day and I wanted to go out for a little ride and check on the spots that we are planning on filming at tomorrow. I realized a couple of things: riding in the snow is super fun, and speed is your only friend. I also realized that trying to get good footage over the next month is going to be tricky and alot of work. There are some dry garages for flatland, but my favorite garage is starting to get wind blown snow in it, making the bank tricky to ride.
Anyway, I implore all of you out there to explore all the nooks, crannies, and parking garages of this fair city, and let me know if you come across anything dry with good space for flatland or maybe even some rideable ledges and banks. We need to find a variety of locations to film at so that things don't look so boring. If you know of some good possible locations it would be real nice of you to get in touch or leave a comment with the address so I can scope it out.

I also got my first semi-decent ice beard of the winter.

Viva Winter!