January 31, 2010

January 29, 2010



New All-City Double Straps

via AC Blog

compared to old
clips and straps nw 016clips and straps nw 017
nicer leather

clips and straps nw 014
better buckles (less slipping)

Same Price

Death Pedal 2 Trailer

Death Pedal 2 Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.



via ASL

January 27, 2010

Awesome Custom Big Dummy

my conact at Surly Intergalactic Headquarters dropped some shots of a custom Big Dummy from one of their fans in Japan my way

This build is incredible and so very Japanese



is that a dude rocking a method while singing karaoke?

note the twist lace trucker in the background

Mike Carney by Tim Kainu

Tim Kainu shot this rad photo of Mike this past weekend in Milwaukee

Fight With Flight 2010

Burd just posted this awesome trailer for the 2010 version of Fight with Flight in Indy

Mayhem Abound

more vids of the weekend

mayhem abound. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

Colt Fake

I've posted this before but had to post it again. so good


Gravel Racing in Minnesota

This morning I received an email from Hurl of CrC fame alerting me to the fact that a Minneapolis gravel race is already in the works. It's called the Westside Dirty Benjamin
from their site:

What is the Westside Dirty Benjamin you ask? Well let's start off with a bit of how the Dirty B was born...

In 2009, 100 miles of gravel road racing was gaining momentum in Minnesota. With the Almanzo 100, Ragnarok 105 and Heck of the North representing their respective areas with picturesque horizons, diabolical routes, and a down right grand ole time, the AGRS Race for the Cup was born. (Shout out to Almanzo!). Talking to many bike heads around town, there was great energy and desire to get out there and ride a gravel century. This was also evidenced by the Ragnarok filling up within hours and the Almanzo approaching 300 entrants!! Heads can't get enough of wanting to ride the bits for five plus hours. We thought that a gravel race a showcasing Carver County would be fit right in to the scheme.

Carver County??? Yup, the same county lying west of Lake Minnetonka. The route will start and end near enough to Minneapolis for those Minnies who may not have the ability to get out of town for an early morning start. For the out-o-towners, there is a great opportunity to visit and stay with family and/or friend located the Twin Cities.

The race is free and we'll be opening it up for postcards in a few months...more on that later so check the blog. The format is the same as the other rides of the AGRS and the details of which will also be posted at a later date. So much to look forward to.

Oh, by the way, the date will be June 12, 2010. Nice! Should be a great day
*the flyer says June 19th and the text says 12th not sure which to believe

Not only that I also learned that the organizers of many of the other gravel road races around the state have joined forces to create the:
Almanzo Gravel Road Series: Race for the Cup
Here's how it will work

In order to qualify for points in any of the events listed above, a rider must take the start and finish each event that they choose to participate in.

Upon finishing, each rider will be awarded 30 points, these points will then be added to any additional points the rider might accumulate should they finish in the top ten, with points for placement ranging from 1st place (16pts) to 8th place (2pts). *see breakdown below

Should a rider be disqualified for any reason, his or her points will not be awared. EACH RIDER MUST START AND FINISH AN EVENT TO BE AWARDED POINTS FOR THAT RACE.

Following the final race, the Lord James and Lady Elizabeth Cups will be presented to the male and female riders that have accumulated the most points for the current series year.

The Cups will be loaned to the winners for one month following the final series race. At the end of one month the Cups must be returned to the AGRS International Hall of Fame where the winners names will then be etched into the cup for the remainder of eternity. Once engraved, the Cups will be placed on display until the beginning of the next series when the entire process begins again.

And laslty there's this little number in Iowa next month

2010 CIRREM registration is now open. pre-register before february 14 and get a free CIRREM shirt. we hooked up with the eight seven central crew to bring you a quality shirt you will actually wear. the shirts are slim fitting, so if you're barely sliding into a medium, get a large. make sure to include in the comments of your registration your shirt size.

the lowdown...
1- CIRREM is a self-sufficient 62 mile gravel race....there will be no support, besides maybe one checkpoint/aid/water station along the route
2-there are no refunds for any reason....well unless the race is cancelled
3-since we do not yet have the power to close 62 miles of roads, obey all traffic laws, wear your helmet, and be seen with blinkies if needed
4-if you leave the race route and do not return to the point of exit, you will be DQ'd without question
5-cross bikes, mountain bikes, and even road bikes are all welcomed
6-hesitation is devastation...register before feb 14 to get your CIRREM shirt
7-proceeds will once again benefit the DSM Bike Collective

January 26, 2010

Winter: Over It

One of the points of pride for my fair city is the hardship of winter. One of those "hardships" (I use quotes because riding a bike isn't ever really a hardship, at least not in the struggling to feed your family sense of the word. It's completely self inflicted) is cycling through the winter. It pretty much sucks, but you learn to love it because it makes you hard and lends our cycling community a good portion of its character.

Loving this winter has been especially difficult since this has been the worst winter for riding in memory. We were hit with an ice storm around Christmas and the side roads have been damn near impenetrable until last week or so. Pretty much everytime I went out I fell at least once, and this experience was a common one.
The point to all this back story is that today it was 4 degrees with a -14 windchill and the ride home felt great. My torso was warm, my feet were toasty, and my hands were in heaven. One of the few perks of winter is that at some point you just get over it and the weather stops affecting you pretty much altogether. It was perfectly lovely out. Now bear in mind, if this were early December and it was 4 degrees you can bet your ass that I'd be staying indoors and driving my car. At that time of year that's downright mean cold. But at the end of January it ain't shit.

I'm not trying to paint myself as a hero, since there are plenty of dudes who ride in the weather a hell of a lot more than I, I'm just reveling in that moment when you get over it. Winter can suck my balls, we'll be done with it soon enough.

Mike Schmitt Drop In

Wonka Wall Ride Video

another look at one of the sickest things ever done on a fixed gear

Stupor Bowl 13

If you're wondering why I haven't posted anything up yet regarding this year's Stupor Bowl, I was waiting for a flyer, but I cannot wait any longer. Same setup as always, here are the current known details.

Friday February 5th:
Pre-registration 7:00pm-10:00pm @ The Nomad(501 Cedar Ave S)
Bands to follow

Saturday February 6th:
Registration 10:00am-1:00pm @ One on One Bike Studio(117 Washington Ave N)
Race starts at 2:00pm

to get you excited for it here is the trailer for the documentary made by Nathan Freeman during last years race

I'm the dude with the beard

Icy Cat 1/24

Sunday, January 24th
Start gathering at 1:30 PM, race starts at 2:30 PM
Meet at the playground in Cherokee Park in St Paul. If it's too cold an indoor meeting place will be provided.

The course will include some streets, some packed snow trails and a frozen lake. Studded tires will be helpful, wide tires will be beneficial in some areas, slicks would work elsewhere. Bring a helmet.

The race will be around six miles with a bonfire at the finish. No entry fee. Non-cash prizes will go to first, second and third place. Hot drinks will be provided.

January 25, 2010

Midwest Mayhem Wrap Up

It's hard to really put into words what this weekend meant for me without sounding like a total cheesedick. I'm guessing that the significance of what went down (and believe me this was significant on many fronts that don't involve riding) won't really become clear until we have some historic perspective (in the fixed gear world one year would be considered historic perspective, since 2005 was forever ago) on the event.

Yes the riding was incredible, but the things that I'm going to remember happened between the events. A huge portion of the North American fixed gear community was in attendance, and created one of the most positive and encouraging environments I've ever been around. (I feel a little silly saying so, but affirming isn't an inapt description of my feelings toward this weekend) As my friend Joshy put it, "I wasn't around for the creation of bmx or skateboarding, but I'm getting to witness this." It's another groundswell of youth, and community, with bikes at the center, but the bikes always take a backseat to the people. It's the people that made it all so special.

We drank $2.50 mixed drinks, sang David Allan Coe at the tops of our lungs to the dismay of pretty much everybody, met friends in person whom we had previously only known digitally, and made the most of the time we had together, which as always was way too brief.

I'm not going to do a bunch of shoutouts because I'm sure to miss somebody, but for you dudes that were there whom I was lucky enough to spend time with (you know who you are) whether or not I had the chance to say it, I fucking love you dudes, and can't wait for another excuse to get together. The people at this event, the egos and lack of them, the time, the location, it was all pretty much perfect. I left town with new brothers in arms, and a deeper bond with the ones I came into it with.

My thanks and congratulations to the organizers you created something really special. I hope you are as proud of this achievement as I am thankful for it. To the riders in the competition, congrats on stepping up and putting yourself on the line.

To my homie Mike Carney who jacked his ankle during warm ups, get well man, can't wait to ride with you as soon as possible.

I feel lucky to have been there and luckier to be with the people I was with.


Here's hoping to see many of you at the BFF NYC, Prolly save some space on your floor.

Sack Tap

Recommended by Mark$ter

and this one recommended by Joshy

Mark Sirek Draft Magazine Interview

our buddy Mark was interviewed by Draft Magazine recently. Here is the interview

Beer Runner spotlight on Mark Sirek, 37, Service Manager at Wheel and Sprocket, Fox Point, WI; metalhead; dedicated winter cyclist
Beer of choice: Edmund Fitzgerald from Great Lakes, 1554 from New Belgium, and The Reverend from Avery “get a lot of face time”

The Beer Runner: What are your beer runner credentials?

Mark Sirek: I get into new beer like I get into new music - even if it sucks I can say I tasted or heard it. There is something about experiencing a complete package for the first time - how it came into your possession, the artwork, the first sip. Just like a new record. The right combination can make you feel like you know the craftsman. I also ride a bike close to every day of my waking life. Sometimes in my dreams, too. I’ve ridden pert near everyday now for eight years. I didn’t start commuting all 4 seasons until my late twenties, unfortunately. The best day has a curtain call with a good beer.

BR: How did you get you get started biking through winter?

MS: I was going back to school and working at a bike shop and the first 3 years revolved around 30-minute back-and-forth commutes. The fourth year put me to the test as I rode from MPLS to St. Paul everyday as a high school teacher. I had to leave at 5 am every morning, it took and hour each way, and I frequently rode in 10 below temps before wind chill. That’s not tooting my own horn - it was actually kind of dumb - but at least I have benchmarks of pain now and I feel prepared.

BR: What did you learn during that time?

MS: No matter how many times a motorist sees a cyclist in winter, they still react like they are seeing a moon-man invasion. If you get in the mindset that every person who sees you is going to be stunned to the point of immobility, then you can begin to assume that their actions may put you in danger. Whether it’s fair or not, plan for the oddest reactions to your presence possible and you should be okay.

BR: As a metal fan, what is your favorite music to bike to and favorite music to drink beer to?

MS: The BEST metal album to ride to is PENTAGRAM’S 1985 album RELENTLESS. I could ride 300 miles without food or stopping hope to say with that in the background. One of the most perfect metal albums ever, and don’t suggest differently unless you’re really serious. In the winter I can’t do without Polish, Hungarian, Baltic, Russian, or Ukranian black metal. The music deals with strength and perseverance through submittal to cold and dark power greater than the sum of your parts. Perfect! My metal head friends and I get together almost weekly to share our latest finds, and huddling around the hi-fi always includes beer. Any new metal goes well with beer. Well, almost any.

BR: Do you also have an opinion for best post winter-biking beer?

MS: Anything made by Milwaukee’s own Jacob Sutrick down at Stonefly Brewery on Center St. in Riverwest. Preferably SIMON BAGLEY Stout. Again, Edmund Fitzgerald is hard to beat. Arrogant Bastard, Dragon’s Milk, Old Engine Oil, and New Glarus Black Wheat are ridiculously good too.
BR: What biking accomplishments are you most proud of?

MS: About 5 years ago, my dear friend Craiggles McShithead and I rode 200 miles from Minneapolis to Duluth, met our wives at FITGER’S BREWERY, had a grip of potato stouts and fresh Lake Superior fish, and rode home - another 200 miles - the next day. Duluth rules. I’m also proud of participating in the Triple D in Northeastern Iowa every January. Last year not one of the 38 entrants finished the 56 mile course due to 9 inches of snow and ice. I’d bet that most of the 38 entrants drank more than double our weight in beer at the finish line bar. 8+ hours of falling off your bike into snow in 15 degree weather earned us the right.

BR: What beer accomplishments are you most proud of?

MS: When I go to The Fifth Dimension aka DISCOUNT LIQUOR here in Milwaukee I can point to a lot of beers and give ‘em a wink remembering our special times. Making beer has been the pride and joy of millions for a mighty chunk of recorded time and I’m happy to be on the receiving end. It’s like being a family member of The Enlightened.

BR: Of all the places you’ve lived, what has the best place for biking and/or biking culture?

MS: I’ve lived in Eau Claire, WI, Olympia, WA, Bellingham, WA, Charlottesville, VA, Madison, WI, Minneapolis, MN, and now Mil-Rock-Me. Bellingham, Wa was pretty incredible. I lived there in the mid-nineties. There was a lot going on with the infectious growth of microbrew culture. Mountain biking was young and off like a megaton bomb. Those cultures called the shots in many lives. What could you do? Say no? NONSENSE! Madison has a great cycling culture, and the beer and food that goes with it is pretty grand too. But I have to say that Milwaukee’s enthusiasm in its cycling community to invent itself as its own glorious entity is so amazing to be a part of that it’s overshadowing past experiences. We are on the cusp of something huge here - something that won’t be seen as a copy. There is fire here - mark my words. And there’s some beer here too.

BR: What’s the best place for beer?

MS: Milwaukee.

BR: Any other words of wisdom?

MS: Use all five of your senses, keep things simple and manageable, and move around under your own power. And whenever possible, have a beer for no reason other than it’s one of mankind’s greatest inventions.

BMX Video Monday

January 24, 2010

Mayhem Edits

the first of what I"m sure will be numerous edits from the weekend

MIDWEST MAYHEM!!! from Seth Root on Vimeo.

Acid Drop from Danny Mancuso on Vimeo.

put that video right side up!

Tom & John from Danny Mancuso on Vimeo.

Sparks from Danny Mancuso on Vimeo.

MIdwest Mayhem Official Results and Photos

Cream City Skatepark

one of the organizers and a sick rider. He pulled a nasty footjam on one of the quarters

A.J. Austin on the wall

Mike Schmitt, huge acid drop
when he lined this up I thought he was completely off his tits. He pulled it clean, and it was incredibly awesome and catapulted him into a tie for 3rd

and this is the one that everyone's going to be talking about. Wonka's huge wallride
he came off that wedge and cleared a 6 foot gap to the wall. It was amazing. If you check the videos you can spot him hitting his chin on the landing. It was the most impressive thing I've ever seen done on a fixed gear.

judges table: Tom and Jeremiah


The official results*

A Class

Tom LaMarche
Taylor & Mike Schmitt Tied for third
Eric Pucket
Torey Thornton
Robert & Kris tied
A.J. Austin
Sean Milnes
Mike T

B Class

Murder B
Cody & Bob tie


*these are the complete results compiled by the combined scores for all five judges. As one of the judges I grabbed the sheet at the end of the contest

Tom LaMarche in Milwaukee


dude killed

Friday Night


January 22, 2010

Midwest Mayhem Friday Afternoon

wish you were here
mayhem 016
mayhem 018
mayhem 022
mayhem 024
mayhem 041

really nice to meet so many people who've I only known through the internet.
an amazing riding session. food.

When I get back to my computer I'll post more images.


Midwest Mayhem Thursday

mayhem 002
mayhem 003
mayhem 008