December 31, 2009

2009 Favorite Photos

by no means exhaustive, but a quick scroll through iphoto yielded these

Jesse Hilliard First Ever Fixed Gear Handrail-this is it

shot by JBL under a bridge in Milwaukee

Mike Carney hop bar sequence on the govt center banks

Jesse-putting in work

The artist at play. shot by Bob Pavlica's brother
noren 3




shot by Kevin Kalla-forever ago

Team Born With a Moustache. I wish I hadn't flipped my brim up for this photo. too gratuitous

Mike Carney under the Hennepin Bridge. Again, look at that bike setup. Things changed

Happy New Year

Big thanks to everyone who reads the blog, it's really fun for me and it'd be a waste of time without you

Stay sexy



December 30, 2009


trying to squeeze in one more day of filming for BSV4


December 29, 2009

Dropout Tire Clearance

clarified on the AC blog
dropout 005

Old Tour De France Drugs

Before EPO and amphetamines there were these gems

info taken from A Synthetic Environment blog

Ethanol was used to obtain a fuddled state and relief pain.

The Algerian Abdel-Kader Zaaf drank two bottles of wine in the tour of 1950. He fell asleep under a tree. When he woke up he got on his bike again but proceeded to ride the wrong way on the course.

Used to fight pain. Henri Pelissier admitted the use of chloroform (and cocaine) after the tour of 1924.

A powerful and deadly stimulant. This highly toxic alkaloid was injected. A large dose was not recommended.

Nitroglycerin capsules were taken to increase the heart rate and open the airways. Bumpy rides were not recommended.

Hanebrink Adventure bike

The Pugsley reminded me of the Hannebrink Adventure Bikes from the 90's. So I figured I'd post up some info on them in case some of you had never seen one before. During my research for this post, I was very surprised to learn that they're still being made in electric form. Here's Hanebrink's current site and a photo of the current machine.

Here is the 90's Hanebrink that I remember seeing on MTV sports and thinking it was the coolest thing ever
couldn't find much in the way of info, or the video from the 90's.
This is the bike that caused the adolescent lust that was recently manifested in the purchase of a Pug

No Fancy Riding- Milwaukee

No 'fancy riding': city set to bring cycling rules up to speed

By Tom Held of the Journal Sentinel

Dec. 21, 2009
Barring unexpected opposition, bicyclists in Milwaukee will soon be free to ride two abreast on city streets and register their bikes only if they choose.

An ordinance with those changes to the city’s cycling regulations will go to the Common Council on Tuesday, with the support of a council committee, the police and the Department of Public Works. The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin also supports the new ordinance.

Most of the changes being proposed simply bring the city’s rules on pace with state law covering bicycles and rules of the road.

The new ordinance has some language, though, that leaves room for interpretation, if not debate and legal challenges. Some of it seems amusing, especially a prohibition against “any acrobatic for fancy riding on any street.” (The Sanata Cycle Rampage may be one large moving violation).

In the most significant changes, the measure eliminates the city’s prohibition against riding two-abreast and the required licensing of bikes.

The mandatary licensing was rarely followed and rarely enforced. Going forward, the registration will be voluntary, providing police a means to trace and return stolen bikes and providing owners with a form of identification.

For the first time, it will cost $25 to retrieve a bike that the police have impounded.

The ordinance also incorporates the “dooring” law that requires motorists to check for bicyclists before opening a car door into their path. The Legislature put that “check first” requirement into state law earlier this year.

Subject to intepretation:

Two-abreast: The provision allowing cyclists to ride two abreast includes the caveat, “if the flow of traffic is not impaired.” That language would require a discretionary call on the part of a police officer issuing a ticket, and the potential for an argument in court.

At stake would be a fine of $10 to $20.

Brakes and fixies: The ordinance requires that bikes be equipped “with a brake in good working condition, adequate to control the movement of and to stop the bicycle whenever necessary.”

It does not specify that a fixed-gear bike must be outfitted with a hand brake, nor does it confirm that the braking action of the rider pushing backward on the pedals to slow the bike would be sufficient.

Ald. Nik Kovac said he interprets the ordinance to say “your brakes are your legs.” Dave Schlabowske, the city’s pedestrian and bicycle coordinator, said he reads it to say that a separate hand brake is required.

Different courts across the country have provided different rulings on the topic.

Stay off the sidewalks: Unless you’re a child under 10 being supervised by an adult, the ordinance says don’t ride on the sidewalk. Even those youths are prohibited from riding on a sidewalk that abuts a building, which eliminates a pretty good share of the riding area in the city.

The ordinance also prohibits riding on public school grounds or public playgrounds, in any circumstances, even for children, unless part of a sanctioned function.

Sidewalk exceptions: Riding on the sidewalk is allowed in a few areas to provide safer routes for cyclists.

Those include: sidewalks on grated bridges that lack bicycle surface plates; (The grates become slippery when wet) sidewalks on the viaducts on 6th St., 16th St., 27th St., and 35th St.; the bridges over the Milwaukee River on E. North Ave. and E. Locust St., and the sidewalks along Commerce Ave, on the Beerline bike trail.

Keep your hands on the bars: According to section 102-7-3a., cyclists have to keep their hands on the handlebars and their feet on the pedals. This section includes the rule against “acrobatic” or “fancy riding” on any street.

Red reflectors: For riding at night, the ordinance requires a head light that is visible from a distance of 500 feet, and a red reflector of at least two square inches on the rear. A red light on the back is not a substitute for a rear reflector.

Tour de Georgia Canceled

from BRAIN

Tour de Georgia 2010 Cancelled

ATLANTA, GA (BRAIN)—For the second year in a row, the Tour de Georgia has been cancelled, due to lack of sponsorship dollars.

“This was not an easy decision, but one that was best in the current economic climate," said Tom Saddlemire, board member of the Tour de Georgia Foundation, Inc. "The Board of Directors and our advisors did all we could to tailor a race to fit within the economic realities of today and we are understandably disappointed in this announcement, but we are committed to bringing back the Tour as soon as possible."

Over a six year time span from 2003-2008, the Tour de Georgia attracted 3.2 million spectators, many of whom traveled to Georgia from out of state, and generated a direct economic impact totaling over $186 million. The 2008 Tour de Georgia yielded more than $38.6 million in direct economic impact for the state.


December 28, 2009

First Custom Metal Logo

Got a request to print a red Metal logo. I wasn't sure that the red would stay on top of the fabric (waterbased inks, unlike plastisol inks sometimes seep into the fabric and get lost) so it was decided that I would lay down white first and drop red on top
this is the first custom shirt from the new screen, and I'm really really happy with the results


yeah I know my registration is off, but I think it looks badass.

Doing custom orders (ain't no one else gonna make you a custom shirt for twenty bucks, on a t-shirt that retails for more than that plain) is a pain, but every now and then they make me very happy to have tried something that I otherwise wouldn't have.

Wow, I just reread the above statement and realized that my printing on the shirt actually lowers it's value.

Guest Post: Sloths

B.Ridget Guest Post




BMX Video Monday

So good

Florent Soulas in LR from adrien delaforcade on Vimeo.

Minneapolis spots

more BMX Videos at

DUB DVD Trailer. from DUB BMX on Vimeo.

Bike Jerks Metal Logo shirts

I've decided to try a new approach to t-shirt production and sales with the release of the new metal logo. (if you've got a better name than "metal logo" I'm all ears)

One of the problems for me has been keeping enough t-shirt blanks around to fill orders as they come in. This is doubly hard with this new logo shirt, since it should properly only be printed on black. To solve this problem I've decided to only produce them in limited runs. When this round is out, I'm going to move onto the next new design. If you want one, and really why wouldn't you, you should act fast. You can link to the main Bike Jerks site if you'd like to purchase one of these handmade gems.

Bike Jerks Metal Logo $19

The shirt was drawn by our friend Yum-Yums. They are hand screened by me using the least amount of technology possible, on the finest American Apparel U.S. made t-shirt stock. Each and every one is a stunning human achievement in its own right.

(since I have a bunch of American Apparel black shirts around, if there are any other Bike Jerks designs that you would like printed on black, shoot me an email and we'll work it out)

I know you've got all that sweet holiday money, but what you don't have is this potentially life changing garment. Every purchase helps me to pay for my new Pugsley.

metal up your ass!

December 27, 2009


Minneapolis winter bike pile

Jesse's Dropout Stolen

Jesse's All-City Dropout Prototype was stolen this afternoon from the Mall of America in BloomingtonIMG_0018

This is the only one in existence and it belongs to Jesse who is pretty much the nicest person in the history of ever. He called me up and told me the story and said that if he ever saw who did this he'd "tackle them" not kill them, not rip their fucking heads off, but "tackle them." He's that kind of a gentleman.

Frameset: All-City Dropout med frame. Counter top green
Cranks: Silver 612 protos, non branded
Hubs: All-City New Sheriffs Black Prototypes. One of only a few in the world
Rims: Velocity Chukker's to tied and soldered black spokes

Jesse rides his bike from Minneapolis to Bloomington to work, and some sleazeball jacked it this afternoon. If you have a blog or are active on a forum or have any other means of spreading the word, please help Jesse get his bike back. It's a huge bummer and for a number of reasons a very special bike.

help a bro keep getting rad

If you have any information on the bike, please shoot me an email to jeff {at}



Masi Video shot in Minneapolis

Masi shot some of their latest catalog here in Minneapolis, and put together a video of that time. I can't remember if I posted it up or not, so here it is again, or maybe for the first time.

Masi Lifestyle- Minneapolis from Masi Bicycles on Vimeo.

December 23, 2009

Enjoy Christmas


I'm out until Sunday. See you then, take care and enjoy yourselves.


Since it's winter and pictures of beards get posted often here on the blog I thought I'd take an opportunity to showcase some world beating facial hair.
Images from the World Beard and Moustache Championships

I also encourage all of you out there who are beard enthusiasts to get registered with the National Beard Registry. I'd do it, but my beard is only of the seasonal variety.
It's nature's balaclava

December 22, 2009

New Bike Day


After this one my ass is seriously in the poor house. I need to sell off some shit.

18" Pug with black decals
XT rear, Surly fixed front, Deore thumb shifters sweeping 8 in the rear, two in the front, mismatched hydros, Hussefelt cranks and BB

It's night here, so apologies for just the workshop pic. I'll try to get outside for detail shots in the next few days. It supposed to snow tomorrow and not let up all weekend. I'm hoping there'll be enough inches on the ground tomorrow morning to justify riding this beast in.

I've always wanted one, now I have one. I just hope I use it often enough to justify the build.

Capricorn 29er Show Bike

Brad posted some pics and info on one of his NAHBS bikes on the Cappy Blog