October 4, 2010

Record Shopping

I've been using Amazon lately to track down lp's that I've been wanting and not finding and I've got to tell you about it. You just type in what you want and it searches a whole shitload of online record shops to find you the record. I recently came into "Honky Tonk Heroes" by Waylon and "Copperhead Road" by Steve Earle in this manner.

Last week I got drunk and started shopping,
this is what showed up at the door today.

Warriors Soundtrack $15
go download a copy, it's the best thing for a late night ride/party/swim

Endtroducing - DJ Shadow $20
possibly the greatest contribution to the cannon of hip hop by a white guy, ever

Walking With A Panther - LL Cool J $5
I have a copy and B.Ridge is/was super jealous because it was a big scandal at the antique store when I got to it first. This purchase made her happy



Anonymous said...


nice scores dude.


Jeff said...

shit yeah, if you come back for Frostbike, the basement whiskey/record sesh is going to be huge.