October 18, 2010

Rhinelander Friday

This past weekend I and three of my best dudes headed to Rhinelander to go mountainbiking. I wanted to spend my B-day with the family since B.Ridge was in Washington D.C. and I needed to see my father before his heart surgery on Tuesday (good luck pops, I'll be thinking about you).

The trails in Rhinelander house some of Wisco's best, if unknown, singletrack. There are four riding areas in town, and to our amazement all three that we rode were raked. We hit the f'ing jackpot. The trails were in the best condition I've seen them in the last four years and the riding was absolutely superb. Super techy lines through rocks and ruts, a constant beating of bumps, trees that are so close you have to put one side of your bar through and then the other. I always say "if you can go fast here you can go fast anywhere." The sheer amount of body english and movement on the bike it takes to flow is crazy. I didn't stop the ride to take too many photos of the trails, but hopefully over the coming posts you'll see what I mean. I encouage all of you who may be in the area to consider patronizing these State treasures.

First stop on Friday was St. Joes thrift shop for some glasses and a lamp
McCarthy for president, imagine if that would have happened

rest stop on the Hanson Lake trails

first trail in I hit a tree with my bar and got thrown into another, having to bend my body to avoid driving a shoulder into it. Although the damage was minimal, it was scary as hell.

Rest stop at the Washburn Lake trails

if you look closely you'll see a bunch of rivulets on the surface, it was dusk and the fish were feeding on insects

This was originally a shed to hang out and shoot targets out of, but my father has turned it into his "clubhouse," four dudes can easily crash out on the floor.


a liter of Stephen Foster
with small contributions from Chad and Matt, Josh and I sucked down this whole bottle over the course of 3 games of Euchre.

man's meal: burger, beer, beans, cocktail

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