October 31, 2009

Track or Treat results

it was a nasty nasty night out with some snow and driving rain. Big thanks to everyone who showed up and rode anyway. Big thanks to the volunteers who put up with the weather and made it happen






Brandon won the mens'
Rox won the ladies
Tim won the costume contest
Little Bob won the Trick Comp

October 30, 2009

more Track or Treat updates

Track or Treat will happen rain or shine. we will be under an overpass and thus protected. BYOB and make sure you pack it out.

October 29, 2009

Homey Update

The meeting spot has been changed to Whitey's

Track or Treat update

the race is tomorrow, the course is set, the trick comp goes off at 9pm the alleycat is at 10 and the miss and out is sometime after the race

Here are a few things you should know about.

The winner of the costume contest will win a wheelset.
The other wheelset will be given away via drawing

Both wheelsets have been built by my little bro Matt, and if you're familiar with Matt's work then you know that he is one of the most talented wheelbuilders in this city. His wheels are bomb and we've got two sets to give away.

The winner's of the alleycat get hip pouches, and the men's and women's winners of the miss and out get a backpack or pannier.

So dress nice, dress up, and I'll see you there.

If you see me hobbling around and walking like a duck, it's because my back is wrecked. I'm not 100% sure that I'm going to make it down, but I'll do my best and the races will run regardless.

Trash Bags Track or Treat

Picked up the prize bags from Andy over at Trash Bags yesterday
As if I need to say it: they're fucking awesome. Once more Andy not only took the time and money to create and donate a set of custom works, but he continues to demonstrate his rapid ascension from part time bag maker, to full on ass kicker. They're absolutely perfect for the event.

these are two of his Wastebasket II models, and are designed with a three 12oz can carrying capacity, a now standard wallet pocket, and a ulock holster

Trash Bags emblem

u lock holster

These will be going to the men's and women's winners of the alleycat tomorrow at Track or Treat, and I just want to take the opportunity to say thank you once more to Andy for supporting the Minneapolis cycling community, and to encourage all of you who may need a bag in the future to check out Trash Bags. If you're local, you're supporting the hometown kid, and if you're from out of town you'll be getting a great deal on a handmade bag from a working messenger, that few in your area will own or even know about. I'm sure you're friends will think you're real cool.

B.Ridget also picked up her own custom hip pouch a Wastebasket I model, with a volume of approx two cans
All the racers at Babes in Bikeland received a $5 coupon off a hip pouch and this is the color scheme she picked out.

in case you're wondering about the size difference between the Wastebasket I and the Wastebasket II here you go

Revival Final Trailer

October 27, 2009

Greg Lemond Taco Bell Commercial

seen at Cycling Inquisition

Milwaukee BMX

Weekend in Milwaukee - G-Fact from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.

any of you Milwaukee dude's know where that junk spot is? I use the term "junk spot" liberally as that place looks rad as shit

Sleepless Sprints


Track or Treat 3 Fliers

are available at VS, Sunrise, Recyled, One on One, and Freewheel, Varsity, and Erik's dinkytown. Missed the Hub, they were closed

wheels 011

wheels 009

wheels 010

October 26, 2009

Toddler Jump Fail

my niece Lilly crashes

sorry for the low quality, I believe this video is off my older niece's cell phone

Like I said before, it's in the blood

Hell Track

something for the Mondays

Vintage Cycling Photos


one of my favorite photos ever. eye of the tiger




October 25, 2009

Sunday Filming







Minnesota: flannel and long johns


i really like this one, Mike smoking, Vinnie through the wheel



are assholes

tattoo by Zack Kinsey. still healing, peeling

October 24, 2009

Mark Webb

Mark Webb @ Woodward West - More BMX Videos

Generic Knogs at Ax-Man

was browsing Ax-Man on University in St.Paul today and came across these Knog Frog knockoff's:


other than the black tailpiece they seem identical. If they suck I'll let you know, but right now they seem like the deal of the century

October 23, 2009

Bike Porn: The Beast's Clockwork

It was a slow news day and I've got a blog to maintain, so on my way out of work I shot some pics of the Robeast Trevor Crayton's Clockwork Track bike. It's been sitting in the racks for weeks now and it was a nice overcast day so I figured why not.

I posted some indoor pics of the bike last summer which can be found here

For those of you who may not have heard of Clockwork, they are a custom frame builder residing in South Minneapolis and do both lugged and fillet braze construction. Recently I featured a very cool trials bike with a novel rear axle system from them. You can link to the trials bike below. Clockwork's website can be found here

I believe the paint, which has very nice redish sparkle that doesn't come through in the photos, was done at Dirt Designs in Bloomington.


it's all in the details, notice the anno chainring bolts and Campagnolo crank bolt


I believe these are the Sachs Newvex lugs (If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me)


Velo Orange leather bar tape


Nitto stem

Clockwork Trials Bike

Carney's Profile is up

on the AC website in the riders section

October 22, 2009

Fighting Cock

stopped by Trash Bags HQ yesterday to get some fabric from Andy and spotted JBL's new fighting cock bag
Andy's applique skills continue to get more and more polished

I also was privy to this new backpack design although I only got one photo as my camera battery died
it's for sale at Behind Bars