September 25, 2012

We've Moved - Head over to the New Blog

For more photos from Bandit Cross and an explanation of why I've moved the blog, click the link below.


September 24, 2012


is the future. 8018572141_6e50c3ed81_k[1]

BMX Video Monday

I'm back but still getting into the swing of things after Interbike, and while trying to get the new blog ready to launch. In the meantime, here's some footage of pretty much the best BMX'er on the planet.

September 22, 2012

September 21, 2012

September 18, 2012

Off To Interbike


We don't have a booth this year but I'll be around the QBP pavilion and wandering about.  If you see me say hello.



Two classic country records, Willie Nelson Shotgun Willie and David Allan Coe's Long Haired Redneck, and my favorite Electric Wizard album Witchcult Today.

September 17, 2012

sMc Classic

Remember when doing tricks on a fixed gear was fun and not a "sport?"

It's good to see that these dudes do.

It's weird to see a young buck like JBall so good at it.  I never would have guessed that anyone who started riding in the last few years would have bothered to learn all the golden oldies from 2007.

All-City Annual Vol 3 and 2013 Catalog

Stoked to let you know that the new edition of the AC Annual is out along with our first product catalog.

Why am I excited?  Because I shot most of the photos in the annual, and it's really cool to see them in print form.  They're free, so go to your local shop and get one.



BMX Video Monday

Such good vibes in this one, perfect way to start the week.

Official Bid Savoia Fall 2012 Host City

Bike Smut 6 - MPLS


September 16, 2012

Favorite Things: Holdfast Daypack


Last year at Interbike the boys at Holdfast were kind enough to give me one of their then pre production samples of their Daypack.  Since then both B. and I have been using it frequently, and recently they were kind enough to send over one of the production version so now we both have our own.  (cute)


While it's not the bag I use for commuting or my everyday life, it has become the go-to for trips to the dogpark, to the beach, running, or just day-tripping.  It holds all the stuff I need, and nothing else and it's super lightweight and moves well while running and jumping.

At $85 and made in the U.S.A. I can't recommend one enough.

September 15, 2012

Bandit Cross 9/23

race11 copy

Since the U.S. GP is happening in Madison, there's no cross next weekend in Minneapolis.  So let's fix that by having some Bandit CX action down at the old Hobo Camp.

I was hoping to launch the Brownie Lake course with the next race, but since I'll be at Interbike until next Saturday, there's no time to prep it.  Hobo Camp though is in prime condition, and this time we'll be able to do the big gravel hill climb.

Show up at 4pm.

For Sale: Limongi Road Bike 55-56cm


Limongi was a French framebuilder who relocated to Canada.  I've had this frameset sitting around my workshop for years now, and just finished the build on it.  It has without a doubt one of the most unique and badass paint jobs I have ever seen.  The sides of the tubes are purple with the tops being pink, easily the craziest 90's fade paint scheme in town.
The pictures don't do the paint justice.

Limongi 55cm -$575
56cm center to center top tube

Frameset: 55cm nominal, 56cm top tube center to center
Columbus SLX tubeset, Columbus fork, Cinelli BB shell English threaded, Campagnolo dropouts

Parts: Dura Ace Headset, Shimano 105 9 speed shifters, Dura Ace front Derailleur, Ultegra rear Derailleur, SRAM Rival crankset 175mm, Race Face bars, newbrakes, A-Class bladed spoke wheelset.


It's a lovely vintage Columbus SLX frame, lovingly built in Canada with an insane paint job.  The parts are all modern and ready to put serious miles on.  It's a sweet bike.

email me at jeff at bikejerks if you're interested.

September 14, 2012

Fall Essentials


Joy Division bootlegs, live stuff from '79 and '80.

Winter's coming, time to get dark.

Friday Funday with B.Ridget



This guy's got a big van repair bill coming his way, so tonight I finally brought myself to take apart the Croll and start building up the Limongi.

The Croll is a bike near and dear to my heart having carried me to two big Stupor Bowl wins, but I simply don't ride it currently and need to get rid of some bikes.  I've had the Limongi (a Canadian builder who was originally from France) sitting around the workshop for years now so I'm transfering a bunch of parts and putting it up for sale.

I've held onto it because it has one of the best paintjobs I've ever laid my eyes on.  These shitty pics don't do it justice.

Hopefully it'll be for sale soon if you're interested.  55cm - 56cm top tube center to center








September 13, 2012

Campagnolo Stuff For Sale* Updated

I've been sitting on some Campy stuff for a project that never materialized, and now would like to divest myself.

Here's what I've got:

New 175mm Racing Triple - $125 $100

Rear Derailleur - $25

hit me up at jeff at bike jerks if you want any of this hot stuff

Dose of Awesome

this is a classic edition with one of my alltime favorite images ever


anybody know where this originated?  I found it on the Acid Sweat Lodge in 2009

Trash Bags: Kurt Boone Signature Garbage Truck

Andy teamed up with NYC messenger legend Kurt Boone to bring you this signature version of the Trash Bags Garbage Truck backpack.


Since we had so much fun DJ'ing the All City Championship party, I'm planning on going all out for Track or Treat this year.  I'm thinking a 4 race fall fixed series with ToT being the capper and having a gigantic ass party with smoke machines, bigger speakers, strobes, and horror flicks on October 26th.

Because of this plan I need to build a new setlist, so my shit stays fresh.
Here are a few albums I picked up for just such an occasion: Queen Hot Space (Under Pressure), Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby 12", Salt N Pepa Shoop 12", Kool and the Gang Light of Worlds (Summer Madness), Phil Collins Face Value (In the Air Tonight)

September 12, 2012

September 11, 2012




Babes In Bikeland 6 Photos


This past Saturday the 6th Annual Babes in Bikeland took place in Minneapolis.  370 some ladies and trans bikers took to the streets for some hot bike action.

Shout outs to Elise (winner winner), Beth (2nd), and Christina Peck (3rd)

here are a few shots from the day









September 10, 2012

Stolen Bike Alert MPLS

My friend Jack's Surly Steamroller was stolen outside the Atmosphere show on Friday when someone cut the lock.

2012-04-18 23.50.05

He didn't provide any details other than this photo, I'll try to get a more complete description.

Looks like a single speed w/ Surly Open Bars to me.

If you spot it, you know what to do.

Photos From Bandit Cross


As you can plainly see from the title of this post, this is where I usually post a whole bunch of rad photos from the past weekend's race.  The only problem is that I didn't take many, just what you see below. I was busy riding.

I will say though that it was a glorious day to be out on your bike, around 40 people showed up and rode the Low Road Sibley Route, Matt Allen (Little Guy) won, and it was a fine day all around.

Since the photos are slim, I'd like to share a realization I had recently.

While by and large Bandit Cross is winning folks over, there remains a certain amount of knee jerk reaction from the cyclocross establishment that we will "ruin cyclocross in Minnesota."  Now as you know, I share those concerns and empathize with them, as I'd certainly never wish to damage the legit race community.  It's all about more people on bikes, bringing cross to the masses, etc etc....

One of the racers this Sunday had participated earlier in the day in a cyclocross event put on as a training exercise by an established member of the race set.  Now people don't bitch on Facebook about them wrecking or ruining anything.  These things happen on a regular basis in the Twin Cities and everyone holds them up as a universal good.

Which got me thinking about semantics, functionally,my Bandit Cross series and this "Cyclocross Practice" are exactly the same thing, a free to all unsanctioned cross happening of people riding their bikes on public land.

The only difference that I can see is the fact that I'm an outsider and dare to call it a "race," which in my opinion are pretty ridiculous things to let hang you up.

I don't ever expect the critics to totally go away as we live in a society of haters, but to anyone who may be skeptical, I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to come down and see what it's all about.  I think you'll be surprised both by the level of competition, and the level of quality humanity that you'll find.





The Way I Roll - Gina from King Kog

Cayuna Klunker Ride