September 30, 2009


photosensitive paint job. neat

SUNBURN LIVE from F.E.T.I.S.H. on Vimeo.

via hk fixed

Warriors Race Charlestown


Crunk Cross

October 10th
4pm @ One on One


I'm super bummed that I'm going to miss this. Don't let that bummed feeling happen to you!! Be there

Alternative Fuels

September 29, 2009

Bike Jerks Presents the Fall Fixed Series and Track or Treat 3

*last year's poster (courtesy of Verb)*

So here's the plan, Track or Treat 3 will be held on Friday October 30th. Same deal as last year, Pentagram, fixed gears only, brakes allowed.

I was also thinking about throwing a Fall race series leading up to Track or Treat. The races will be point to point to point with the course known ahead of time (this way I can race too without having an advantage). The idea is simply to get together during the week for a short race and beers afterward. Fixed Gear only. brakes of course allowed. The point system will be similar to the Spring Classics, where you get one point for every rider you beat. Mens' and Women's Categories. I don't know if we'll have a big prize or anything for the series winner, but I bet I can come up with something.

All Races will start in the Warehouse district and we'll plan the next race course at the afterparty.

The first race will take place on Thursday the 8th of October

Fall Fixed Series Race #1 Oct 8'th 9pm

Start at the Warehouse district 4th and 6th at 9pm

$5 entry fee (buys beer)

There will be no manifest, all checkpoints will be on your honor

1st stop Touch a wall of the CC Club
2nd stop Touch the Witch's Hat Tower (the tower not the base)
Finish at Jimmy's NE 1828 4th St NE

All you jerks better show up. all you dude's who used to race fixed, all you old fuckers, all you has beens and drunkards, get your fixies out.

See you there, it'll be fun as shit

Carney's Dropout

3944958735_12418f5cc8[1] pics up on the AC blog



Style Partnerships

saw these on ASL and wanted to make sure you didn't miss them

September 28, 2009

Cycling Inquisition

One of the principles behind the mighty Metal Inquisition
just launched the creatively named Cycling Inquisition.

I have updated the links for your convenience

Star Tribune Article on Alleycats

The Star Trib (local big paper) published an article on Alleycat Racing in the Variety section of Sunday's Paper: you can find it here

In it Stephen Regenold talks about his experience racing this year's All City Champs race, and about Babes in Bikeland. Both I and Cayla get in a few quotes. I'll be sending a copy home to my mom. It's nice to show the folks that the ridiculous way I've chosen to live my life is worth a few quotes in the paper at least.

check it out

Stolen Bike Alert: Surly Steamroller

The bike I featured here was stolen yesterday.


What: Surly SteamRoller, 56cm, grey, fixed gear
Where: Outside SpyHouse on Hennepin
When: 9/27 between 5:30-8pm

Distinguishing Features:
- Custom front rack by Capricorn; black alloy with wood slats
- Powder blue rear rim
- Bottle Top stem cap (Bell's Oberon cap)
- Steerer mounted Incredibell, rightside of stem
- WTB Saddle
- TruVativ 2-bolt seatpost
- Ergon grips, grey/black
- Salsa MotoAce bar, 17degree, quite wide
- Tioga pedals

If you hear anything or see the bike, please let me know.

Let's get her back home!

September 27, 2009

Interbike Photos

I'm back from Interbike, and it's so good to be at home in the MPLS. You can keep that desert shit, I want to live around lakes and trees. I didn't get a chance to snap too many photos since I was there to work, but here's what I got. Big thanks to all the dudes who stopped by the booth, it was great to finally meet you in person.


New Lease on Life

Looks like my previous ride, a Cutter/Milwuakee combo has found a new lease on life in Seattle.

lookin nice

Backyard Blam Video

Our Portland correspondent Amanda sent over a link to the vid from her latest event.

check it out

September 20, 2009

Shiba, CMWC edition

some familiar faces

SHIBA FRIDAY 9.18 from Fixy Life on Vimeo.

Off To Vegas

I'm off to Vegas for the week and will try to post pics, but we'll have to see. You have to pay for Wifi in the hotel, and there's no way I'm doing that.


take care of yourselves, and each other.

Babes in Bikeland III

here are some pics from the day, I had a great time. I don't really get to enjoy the All City much because I'm stressed, and Stupor Bowl is a beast, so it was really really great to just kick back and take it all in and party. 163 girls registered. That's fucking huge, and I'm super proud of B.Ridge and her cousin Becca for riding a great race. Big thanks to Cayla and Chelsea for making this happen and putting another feather in Minneapolis' hat. Biggest all female alleycat in the world!

here's the tale my camera tells


Launch from the Soap Factory



photos are kind of B.Ridge centric, it couldn't be helped

Carrie rocking the Peacock Groove Kill Bill bike


One half of the organizing duo

that's alot of girls on bikes


Carrie and Kelly Mac off the line


polo stop

skidding with the trailer is really fun




Unofficial results

1. Jana
2. Alicia
3. Amy C

September 18, 2009

Beer:30 Alleycat

3928175134_cb1896e5fbNext Weekend

Trials and Bangin

Mark I bet this is right up your alley

via Zlog

September 17, 2009

Mike Carney's Bike Check

showing off his Dropout proto

Mike Carney's Bike Check from vincent shim on Vimeo.

some bangin lines in there

photo roundup

slow news day so here are some pics I scammed from Acid Sweat Lodge and others
keep having fun