October 3, 2010

Saturday: Bandit Cross Race #1

The whole thing went better than planned. A superb day of trail work, racing, and drinking.


A tour through the course, which turned out way better than I had imagined.

Opening pavement section. If you squint and wish with all your heart the phrase "Roubaix-ish" becomes relevant.

First dismount over the tracks
(props to only female racer, Alix Magner)

Into the gravel pit section


gravel hill climb with switchback

descending w/ climber in background

into the ped bridge climb

down the bridge and into the woods section

look closely at this photo, the courier kids were doing "danger dollars." flaming one dollar bill hand ups

natural log barriers


last of the woods section

Top 3 finishers

1. Aaron Peterson
2. Skinny Randy
3. Matt

22 racers signed up, lap times were around 5 minutes, and the course actually turned out pretty darn good. This first Bandit Cross race was kept intentionally short notice on my part so that we could try it out with a small group before really trying to make a push towards larger numbers. Everything went off great, and I have high hopes that this will continue to grow and grow.

A number of you told me about potential other courses that you'd like to see happen. My challenge to you is to get off your butt and make it happen. This race took very little to organize. All I did was scout a course, make a flyer, and show up to do the trail work. That's pretty much it. You can totally do it, and I think having various organizers and courses will really help keep the series interesting. If you're interested in throwing a leg of the series, please let me know.

Huge thank you to all the riders, workers, and spectators. It was a perfect day with good racing and plenty of new friends. Everyone was in good spirits, no bullshit attitudes, just a lot of fun.

One of the racers grabbed the wrong helmet, so if you ended up with the wrong Lazer helmet, get a hold of me, and I'll try to put you in touch to make the swap.

Can't wait to do it again. Be on the lookout for the next race in the series, coming soon!

More photos from the race on my Flickr


J.R. Hunter said...

Looks awesome, I rode Leb with galpal so I missed it...be there next time

cockleburr said...

Nice work crew! Looks like we'll be racing there again. At the minium some drinking and a fire.

Anonymous said...

When's the next one?