September 22, 2008

All-City Track Cranks

Here it is, will ship with 47tooth ring.

I've been riding them for about a week now and I'm loving them, they're stiff as hell.

September 21, 2008

Babes in Bikeland prizes

I made cute color coordinated outfits for the babes in Bikeland winners. That's first in teal, second in blue, and third in pink.

Fuck You Bike Thieves

Bike Jerks Family member Beth had a very serious crash, caused by what we believe was some asshole bike thief (or some random fucker) loosening her front quick release to try and take the wheel. Her wheel came off while going down hill, although the actual events of the accident are unknown as she is suffering a loss of memory. Big thanks to whomever it was helped her out on the Greenway, and a huge fuck you to anyone who dares mess with the safety of someone's bicycle. Had she not been wearing her helmet at the time (which broke in the impact and not her noggin) there is a very real possibility that she could have been killed.

Beth's got a great attitude about the whole thing and we are all wishing her a speedy recovery before Babes in Bikeland.

September 18, 2008


All-City will be launching at Interbike. more details here:

This is a completely separate entity than Bike Jerks. I own Bike Jerks, I work for All-City as the sales and marketing guy. More details soon.

Also check back here next week for all sorts of photos from the show.

September 17, 2008

Seen on VeloCult

seen here on their blog:

It's funny, because I'm pretty sure I only sold one of these, and apparently this dude's got it. I discontinued it but now I think perhaps I'll have to bring it back, because now I'm getting nostalgic. Which is ridiculous to get nostalgic about last year, and a shirt that didn't sell for shit. But it looks good on this bearded gentleman and is making we want it back in the mix.

Sometimes Bike Jerks is a lot more work and hassle than it should be, but seeing things that I created in my basement out in the world really does make me proud.

Thanks guy.

September 13, 2008

Gangsta Track

This is my new Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta Track It now sports my checkerboards and will be wearing some early All-City sample cranks soon. It is black and white with the only decal being on the headtube. Thanks Brooklyn!

Gnome Fest photos coming soon

One of my projects before Interbike is to post all of the photos I"ve been meaning to post and update the bikejerks website and photo gallery. Here is a photo from Gnome Fest. More to come soon. The dog's name is Pembo and he is cute as hell.

September 10, 2008

Bare Knuckle out of Bicycle Revolutions in Philly

This bike was built by the fine folks from Bicyle Revolutions in Philadelphia and is an awesome example of what happens when annodized parts go horribly right. This bike is sick.

September 8, 2008

Checkerboard Deep V's

I've been riding these prototype Checkerboard Deep V's for a while now and I finally got clearance to put photos up on the web.

Here's what I can tell you: they are powedercoated not stickers, they will be first available as wheelsets only, they will have limited distribution and will look awesome on your bike.

The wheels on the bike are tied and soldered and were handbuilt by the pros at Handspun wheels. The frame is a custom Capricorn, and the ride is awesome.

Minneapolis Bikes

One of the things I enjoy about Minneapolis are the unique bikes that are born from and for our harsh weather. This bike would never exist in San Francisco or New York. It's beat up and perfect. It's got character in spades. This bike belongs to Bjorn, and it's awesome and is an exemplary specimen of Minneapolis steel.

Check this pro bar setup for alleycat racing

September 3, 2008

Fixed Gear 3 Speed hub

From the Sturmey Blog

So I know there are many of you out there that are very interested in the little bit of info I recently got my paws on.

The first batch of prototype Fixed Gear 3 speeds is finished. The new hub will be called the S3X. The hub will be made using a much stronger aluminum hubshell. Overall gear range will be 160%.
1st Gear -37.5%

2nd Gear - -25%

3rd Gear - Direct Drive

Gear step gear 1 to gear 2: 20%

Gear step gear two to gear 3: 33%
Shifters are still up in the air but we have had many requests for a bar end style shifter. Also we are still planning on the possibility of doing some anodized colors with laser etching instead of screen printed graphics. Please comment on what you would like to see in the way of shifters or color choices.

September 2, 2008

Warren G's

Wisconsin, I miss you everyday

September 1, 2008

New Shirt

This is a new old design, It was originally designed by B.ridget in 2005 as a GMS design but was recently reworked for Bike Jerks. Inspired by the realities of life together somedays, and with a graphic taken from 1960's romance comics, these will be limited edition and I'll stop making them in a few months.

If you'd like one let me know. I currently am sitting on a ton of colored shirts and I'd be happy to make one for you.
Also I will be at Tricks and drinks tomorrow with a stash of merchandise; I have colored shirts with old and new logos, Grovecraft hats, and traditional Bike Jerks hats. So stop by TnD and let's do business.

Star Wars: Hipsters on Hoth

was this weekend and forty racers showed up. My favorite costume was this little jem
Beckel was forced into the side of an umarked police van (get the story from him)
and I extended my unbeaten streak to 5 in a row and picked up 85 dollars in prize money. Not bad for less than an hours work. Jana took first ladies and everyone had a great time. Big thanks to the organizers, it was a blast.

Big Dummy

The owner of this bike swears that this bar setup is comfortable and while it seems ridiculous to me on a multitude of levels, it once more proves that there are few rights and wrongs in bike setup. I went through the whole range of emotions the first time I saw it, from anger, to confusion, to denial and finally acceptance.