October 19, 2010

Rhinelander Saturday

On Saturday we rolled out of bed around 1 and headed to the Nicolet Roche trails about 60 miles from Rhinelander. We had heard these trails were good, and despite not being raked they proved well worth the drive. The really neat thing was that the trail wound past at least 20 boulders, each of which the locals had made rideable with an exit and entrance. It was pretty cool and very unique.

This was the first one we encountered, and although one of the largest, it is indicative of the sort of prep the trailbuilders put in on making the boulders rideable

the largest boulder there, it had several small though climbable lines

post ride pizza at the Pizza Haven, my favorite stuck in the 70's pizza joint

we borrowed B.Ridget's dad's portable record player, and made good use of it all weekend

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emo said...

who is that fat shit on the red bike? I didn't know he actually knew how to ride bikes. I thought he just conned people into buying treadmills...