October 22, 2010

Friday in Madison

On a whimsy sort of thing, Luther and I decided to go for a change of scenery and headed to Madison.
Hit up the Union for some sports drink -
thursanfri 012
thursanfri 014
thursanfri 015

Passed some legislation at the capital. Can't remember what law we passed though - it's all just fluff anyways.
thursanfri 016

Famous bikes only and young douchebags State Street -
thursanfri 017

This is the house my Stretch and I fell in love in so many years ago -
thursanfri 018

thursanfri 019
thursanfri 020

And finally a stop at maybe the greatest record store on this god forsaken rock - EARWAX -
thursanfri 021
thursanfri 022

All in all a really near perfect day - until we were riding home and I crashed to avoid some fictional thing/ get rad - and I landed on my head, AGAIN, for the third time this summer. This time I only broke my glasses. Maybe someday I'll wreck something loose and crash myself into a genius. Fingers crossed.


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Loving these posts, sir.

Thursday Night Crew said...

"Greatest record store?" pfft.