November 30, 2010

Winter Essentials

Curt Goodrich Cycles

One of the more mysterious and reclusive (to me anyway) MPLS frame builders is Curt Goodrich. I don't often mention or post Goodrich's on the blog, namely because I've never met Curt nor do I know anyone who actually owns one of his framesets. I can tell (and show you) that his work is gorgeous and that he has an insanely storied pedigree. From building Paramounts at Match Cycles to building Rivendell's dude is old school and his bikes are wicked badass. I love seeing lugged framesets with modern componentry.

Here are some photos from his website and his bio.

I began my apprenticeship building bicycles in 1995 under the watchful eye of Dan Wynn in Seattle. I’d always loved craftsmanship and for a year paid my dues filing, sanding fillets, machining and aligning frames and forks. I was acquiring crucial skills, working hard, and learning by the day. When Matt Houle at the well-established R&E Cycles shop offered me a job, I spent two years TIG-welding and further evolving my skills, though my heart still lay in traditional lugged construction. When I’d heard that Tim Isaac was setting up match bicycle company as a high-end production shop and that our first project would be to build Schwinn Paramounts, I was third to be hired. I had the good fortune to be working with Kirk Pacenti, whose contributions to lug design are now well-known, Steve Hampsten who moved onto his own company with Hampsten Cycles and Cycles Tournesol, and Mark Bulgier, Dan Swanson, and Martin Tweedy, and others. Two years after the Paramount project began, Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycle Works approached match bicycles to relieve Rivendell’s long backlog of frame orders. For the next year I built Rivendell frames while Martin Tweedy built forks. But change was in the works: match was closing shop. Ben Serotta, founder of Serotta Competition Bicyles, offered me a position building steel and titanium primarily in TIG-construction and it was then I realized how I felt about building lugged steel designs. I declined Serotta’s generous offer and shortly afterwards Grant Petersen offered me the opportunity to continue building custom Rivendells. I moved my family to Minneapolis to establish my own frame shop and from 2000 until 2007 I built custom lugged steel frames for Rivendell and, when asked privately, the occasional Goodrich frame.

Orders for Goodrich bicycles evolved past my abilities to continue building for Rivendell —and I am delighted to say that Goodrich Bicycles now provide the opportunity to extend myself in ways that reflect fully my experiences as a builder. Here you will find road bikes and sportif all-arounders, long distance randonneuse with custom carriers and constructeur-style design and specialty bikes for cyclocross, track and single speed, and city porteurs.

he paints all of his own stuff


hot stuff for sure

A Message for the Kids

if you didn't know...


Stolen Bike Update

Thanks to Andrew, Nate's stolen Steamroller is back in his hands completely intact.

The story is that he went to recover a set of his own stolen wheels from a shady Craigslister an while he was there spotted Nate's Steamroller too.

Andrew, we salute you.

His S&S coupled Karate Monkey however is still out there
red surly 18" S&S coupled karate monkey, black torsion bar with red lettering, Kris holm rims on surly red hubs, and black surly cranks

If you see it, you know what to do.

Pedal Pushers Bern Ad

Looks like our favorite girl bike gang from our sister city of MKE has a new Bern ad coming out shortly.

Nice work girls.

and because I'm always looking for excuses to post this, here you go for your Tuesday morning delight

November 29, 2010

Bandit Cross Race #3 Course Report

Treasure, Matty, and myself spent Saturday drinking beer and riding Low Road to Sibley. We took the fat bikes out there since we were doing it expedition style (comfort, beer, lots of stops) and making a day of it.

We took the light rail to the American Boulevard stop - don't forget to bring fare for the race


This is what the Bloomington side of the river looked like
We ran into some dudes on cross bikes who had ridden both sides and declared it good on 32c's.
There is just a thin layer of crust over frozen sand. It rode pretty quick.

I don't have pictures of it but the other side of the river is more rutted out. It too though is completely passable by cross bikes. I'm thinking a 38c tire is going to be just about perfect come race day provided we don't get more snow.

Found this old Olympia can in the woods and brought it home as a ride trophy, stoked on the graphic.

The ice flows in the river made awesome background noise as they crashed into each other

Underneath the cedar bridge. that elevated platform on the left is what we'll use during the race to cross to the other side. You just go under the bridge, hang a left, go up the ramp, ride across what you see here, and go straight off the down ramp onto the trail. From their it's a straight shot to the corrugated metal tunnel, past Sibley, then up the hill and to Lucky's in Mendota Heights.


Can't wait till Saturday. Expect the winners to finish the course in about 40 minutes or so. It's not going to be a long race, but you need to come prepared for the ride and any emergencies. You will also need a lock to lock up at the bar and lights to be safe on trail and on the way back home after the bar. I'd also recommend some spare clothes to change into for the way home since your race gear will likely get wet.


spent Thanksgiving in Rhinelander with the family and working on my van in my father's heated garage. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and celebrated my niece Laine's birthday.




Schwinn Cruiser for Sale

My beloved Schwinn Speedster is up for sale. I'm asking $125 for it.

This was my "beer pizza" bike. In that I used it for neighborhood errands, namely buying beer or pizza slices. My garage space is getting tight and I just got a Surly 1X1 so I need to move something. Now that I live in a different neighborhood, I just haven't used this bike in while so it has to go.

Schwinn Speedster

Repacked Morrow Coaster hub to Sun Rhyno Lite rim in rear, front is a NOS Deore XT hub laced to silver rim (I forget the make and am too lazy to go check). The important thing here is that both wheels are 26" and not some weird Schwinn size.

Tange steel front fork, threadless headset, threadless stem and rise bars, new seatpost w/ Specialized Body Geometry saddle. Front V-brake.

This thing is a very nice townie or bar bike and I'm hoping that it will go to someone who will use it.

Let me know if you're interested.

BMX Video Monday


November 26, 2010

November 24, 2010

Off to Rhinelander

I'm outta here and heading up North and won't have internet access until I return. Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!

Not sure exactly when I'm coming back, but it'll be Monday at the latest and probably way sooner than that.

Monday Night


out and about

November 23, 2010

Bandit Cross Race #3 12/4


This one's going to be special, the first of the winter Bandit Cross races and the first to move away from the modern cyclocross format and back to the old school out and back adventure style. I've been talking with various riding buddies about throwing a race on this, one of my favorite rides in the city, for at least the last year.

Typically you need to wait until late summer for both sides of the river to be good and rideable due to spring floods, but plans for a fall race were scuttled with the fall floods we experienced this year.

Well now that sand is frozen (or should be) and thus should be passable with skinny tires. I say should be because really I have no idea, I haven't ridden it yet since the temps dropped though I do hope to get out there and do some recon this weekend and will let you know. It may end up being a course you need mtn tires for, it could be Pug conditions, who the hell knows? But that's part of the adventure.

I am also hoping to do a full Pug version later this winter.

We will meetup at 2pm at the Light Rail station on Hiawatha and 38th. We will then take the light rail (bring fare) out to the American Boulevard station in Bloomington and will start the race on the Low Road. We will race to the Cedar Ave Bridge, cross the bridge on the ped bridge under the highway, take a left onto the trail on the opposite side of the river and end the race at Lucky's pub in Mendota Heights. The winner is the first one to touch the wall of the bar.

Bring lights, tools, food, water and warm clothes. You are responsible for yourself and should be prepared to handle any situations that may arise. You will definitely be riding back to the city in the dark and will possibly be on trail after the sun has set.

The race is free.

It's gonna be sick.

Please spread the word.

I also deleted the Bandit Cross Facebook page and will now just be posting race updates on the Bike Jerks Page.

Thanks John

Prolls sent over a little care package with his newish grey stickers and stuff


good looking out

Skate Vid

Bandit Cross Race #2

So on Sunday at 11am I went outside to glare ice on the sidewalk and driveway and made the call that the race was off. I figured nobody would want to come out in the freezing rain and me and the lady went grocery shopping.

Around 1 I got home to find out that Gene O had called me out for being soft and that a bunch of racers were bummed that it wasn't going down. Well by that time the temp had come up and the ice was melting so I called it back on.

The junkyard and ped bridge were totally screwed with ice so we did a short course through the woods and around the ball fields. The folks who showed up all seemed to have a great time, and the racers rode hard.

There were a couple of spectacular passes, and when it was all said and done Martin took the win.


We did a LeMans start








Danger Dollars were once again in full effect


props to Chelsea, the only female racer

Randy got cold hands and had to drop out. The winner Martin rode the race in Choppers (if you're not from the Midwest, choppers are large leather mittens)



For whatever reason, these races have been a ton of fun. Everyone one has a great attitude and they are a breeze to organize. The experience of the last two has really renewed my faith in the bike community. During events like the All City it's easy to get stressed out and every year there is some whiny asshole that makes my job unfun.

I'm guessing the great attitudes here have much to do with the fact that there aren't any prizes so all your racing for is glory and personal satisfaction.

Anyway it was awesome, and I'm looking to throw another race in a few weeks. Now that the sand is frozen I want to do Low Road to Sibley House as a Bandit Cross. Keep an eye out for it.


This one of Josh Boothby is way too good for you to not see. I've been a huge fan of his ever since he showed up at All City and just crushed it.

Elevated Engineering presents Josh Boothby from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

November 22, 2010

November 21, 2010


All this time Antonyo and I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons down at the Rec Center, and I never knew he rode bicycles. Hell of a Level 5 Wizard though - just a hell of a Wizard.

TREATED from Sam Erickson on Vimeo.

Bandit Cross is ON

Fine, you want to be a bunch of toughies?

It's on.

Hobocamp 3pm bring beer, show up on time!

November 20, 2010

Bandit Cross Update

Here's the deal. We're from Minnesota, it's going to be cold for Bandit Cross tomorrow.

Toughen up and get your asses there. The fire in Hobo Camp is going to be blazing.

Caveat: If it's raining the race is off. There's badass and there's stupid, doing a race in the freezing rain seems stupid to me.


Dose of Awesome


November 19, 2010

Kids Bike Fix Up Nights at Sibley Bike Depot


Monday the 29th and Dec 13 4-8pm at Sibley Bike Depot

Peacock Groove Shop Visit

On Tuesday night I dropped in on Erik's new space to check it out. While it's not quite done, it's clearly coming along nicely and with the radness of having three different frame builders in one space, it is well on it's way to becoming a real headquarters for Minneapolis frame building and a likely pilgrimage location for out-of-towners.
(Chris Kvale is also in the building as well)


Erik does a lot of contract work. These are all Speedhounds in process. The gentleman who owns Speedhound will also be making his office in the new space.

These are Freeman's.
As I wrote that I wondered to myself if perhaps these companies might be bummed. Like I'm blowing their secret. But then I realized that the fact that their frames are built by "the Liberace of bikes" (and he also probably sticks his dick in them) makes them way more desirable and respectable in my eyes. (because of the provenance, not the dick part)

did your mind just get blown by that hella sick vignette/matte combo?


This space is where the carbon fibre builder's space is going to be.
No really, a dude who builds custom carbon fibre bicycle frames is going to be working out of the shop too. Erik told me the name but I totally forgot.

Sign above Vincent Dominguez's space




This frameset is one of the winners frames from Babes in Bikeland

check that modern Campy headset polished to gleaming



Erik also says he's going to start powdercoating as well. More to come as they finish the build out.