February 28, 2011

Back From Austin

just got back. I've returned fatter, greasier and super stoked on my time spent in Austin. I'll return to regular posting tomorrow. If you're looking for info on my trip, check the AC Blog this week as since I was there on the AC dime that is where I'll be posting the goods.

nice to be back

photo by Prolly.

February 23, 2011

All-City Nature Boy Zona

just officially introduced the NB Zona on the AC Blog today

show bike

new clean cable routing

I've been riding my personal NB Zona for the last few weeks (photos soon) and it rides exactly like the regular NB (which is a good thing) but is a 1/2lb lighter. Super excited to bring these to the public. Price is $775, arrival is late August.

B.Ridget Guest Post

Lookout Austin

I'm out on Thursday to hang around Austin Texas and go to NAHBS. If you see me say hello.

I'm bringing my bathing suit,
but probably won't use it.

Dudes From Portland

apparently don't know how to use fireworks and gloves at the same time.

World's Highest Ollie

February 22, 2011

March Mashness Indianapolis


Frostbike Big Block Display

backdrop by Carney

Wheel Talk and The Grime

some big shits in there

WHEEL TALK x THE GRIME from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.



February 21, 2011

BMX Video Monday

MPLS dudes edition

February 18, 2011

Second Life for My Dropout Proto

I shipped my old Dropout proto down to Texas for Eric Puckett last week since he needed a bike and it's been collecting dust since I got my new Def Wish.  He built it yesterday and Prolly took some photos.


Stoked to see this beast live on.

via AC Blog

Carney Stops by the AC Offices

IMG_6315IMG_6316IMG_6318IMG_6321IMG_6322IMG_6323IMG_6325IMG_6326IMG_6328photos 001photos 003

via AC Blog

Skate Vids

New Stickers

My sticker order came today. Big thanks to J-man at Featherlite for making this happen again.

This new sticker bundle includes a re up of the Good Girl and The Tom. I'm especially excited about having both an original and die cut Tom stickers. This was on the original Bike Jerks stickers run four years ago and is probably my favorite sticker that we've done. For those not familiar with the design, it was originally a t-shirt screen from B.ridget's Father's bike shop in St. Paul. Tom has a unique drawing style, and this design is classic.

I've also got the new Feeding Skull design, J-man's Bandit Cross Bike Jerks logo, and both a black backed script logo and a sheet of die cut script logo's on white.

I'll be putting together a spring stickerpack which will be available in a few weeks. If you place a shirt order though, I'll be including one of each sticker immediately.

February 17, 2011

Winter Essentials

It's false spring in Minnesota with a dick tease of temps in the 30's and 40's all week.

Let it in.

Favorite Things: Surly "He Said Tool"

Whenever I build a new bike or get a new saddle or seatpost, for the first handful of rides I get all Eddy Merckx on that shit. Sliding it around on the rails (although they invariable end up pushed all the way back) and adjusting the tilt. For those situations I keep this combination 5-6 hex wrench in my tool kit (always) and my pocket (sometimes). It's really good for getting at saddles when you also have a seatpost mounted light, and is also handy for stems, especially if you've got that thing going where your top cap is a 5 and your stem bolts are sixes (this also pertains to seatclamps and seatposts).


The tool is made by Lifu and is a "N" wrench 5/6. This particular one was given out by Surly as a tradeshow giveaway a few years back and is one of my prized possessions. The standard Lifu ones can be picked up for around $4, although I'm not sure if they're currently in manufacture. If any of you bother to find out if you can still get these anywhere, please do let me know as I'm looking for a backup.

Stupor Bowl 1 Mass Start

Chuck over at Behind Bars sends this:

Left right front row.
B-Rad, Amber Elandt (tucked behind that elbow), Gail Freidman in the Yellow, Rob Lindstrom (all the red)
(Behind that) Me (with the red hair), Tim Gellerman (looking towards me), Martin Rudnick, Christian Klemmp, and way on the right in the green helmet is the infamous Otto.

Down below is Mark-o, and James Hastings.

February 16, 2011

Them Thangs


Them Thangs

Cutters Ball


Saturday at Peacock Groove.

set me up with a Moosehead so cold it'd freeze the hand off an eskimo.

For Sale

Couple of things:

Surly Endomorph
only ridden 6 times, used as a front

Arcteryx Softshell Size L $125
I've owned this coat for a few years but have only worn it a handful of times because it's cut a little short for me. I don't know the model, but it is made from Gore Windstopper and is both breathable and highly water resistant (yes!). It has full pit zips and is very nice. Arcteryx makes super expensive cost is no concern stuff. It's the Chris King to Marmot's Cane Creek. Pure baller shit.
In excellent condition: $125 to you, retail was $350.

hit me up at jeff at bike jerks if you're buying.

February 15, 2011

Milwaukee Messenger Invitational X, March 26th

This year's MMI is coming up March 26th. It's the tenth anniversary, and I for one can't wait to get back to the sister city for a weekend of drinking and riding. Stoked!

Matt Ungerman (Jade Leader) and I on our way to 2nd and 3rd place, plus first out of town for me and first fixed for him at last year's MMI

Zappa Plays the Bicycle

sent over by Boo

Dose of Awesome




got a new batch coming soon

February 14, 2011


our buddy Jeremiah getting it done


BMX Video Monday

OSS "Football" DVD: Mike Mastroni from On Some Shit on Vimeo.

OSS "Football" DVD: Craig Passero. from On Some Shit on Vimeo.

Swap Meet

photos from the swap on Sunday. It was fun but seemed slower than in past years. I made some money and got rid of some things I didn't want and bought some things I did. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning.

Mercian Tandem w/ campy record

I didn't talk to these folks, but after looking at the photos I wish I would have checked out the saddle bags. They look super classy. Anyone know how to get a hold of these guys?

Chris Kvale. I bought an aero bottle and a winter cap from Chris.

70's Gitane Track Bike

the throng at opening hour

our table

Bobby bought this sick Pinarello cross bike w/ DA 9

my purchases

I've always liked these aero bottles, I will likely never use it but it'll look cool in my workshop. C Record era headset, for my Limongi.

Salsa steel riser bar by Nitto, 2 turbo's, B-17, vintage wool winter cap

thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello, it was nice to see you.