October 1, 2010

It's On

Went to Menard's and Axman today and bought a lopper, extra rake, ground marking paint, and some cones and tape.

If you're wondering where the entrance fee money will go, it's towards paying for tools, supplies, and hopefully for the construction of some legit barriers.

I will haul a weed thrasher, two rakes, lopper, hedge clipper, and some beers down with me at 2 on Saturday. We will meet up on the bike path next to Hobo Camp, and get on it. Additional tools and know how will be provided by one of the MORC trail crew. Bring gloves, tools, and drinks.

getting stoked!


Unknown said...

Leg warmers left near an Orange bag, mistaken for buddy's. Available for return to OG owner.

Unknown said...

Sheesh. I also have someone's White helmet same brand/make as my Silver one.

jnorton said...

Jeff (and Josh and James and J'other),

THANKS for all the work you all did to make it happen yesterday. That was a good course. The punk-rock start time meant I had to bail early, to get home to the kids by 6:15, but I had thrills and chills (w/o spills) up the wazoo.

Nice job on the course. Thanks again for putting it on.