October 28, 2010

Cool Story Bro

cool-story-broWhenever I get home from being out in the evening the first thing I do is change into my house clothes. These "house clothes" consist of a pair of fleece pants and a house t-shirt. Let me explain. These are shirts that I don't wear out of the house (mostly). Many of them are threadbare and coming apart at the seams.

Tonight I was wearing my 1991 Pop Warner football shirt w/ my last name on the back that B.Ridget has been nagging me to get rid of. She is completely not stoked on it/them and thinks I'm a goddamn loony for hanging onto/loving such rags. I tell her, "See this seam on the upper right shoulder? At Mike Hastreiter's birthday in 6th grade (which I rode to on my brand new Trek 830 mountainbike. The bike I did my first races on and led to this life of bikes) we were playing tackle football and Drew Foss ripped it trying to tackle me. Then my mom fixed it but forgot to turn the shirt inside out so she made the seam mohawk up on the outside."

Look, I love t-shirts; and to own one from newness to completely threadbare, to have it lose that much material from use, to fully and completely own something through it's entire usable life....etc. etc. Well, she doesn't get it.
She says that if I'm still doing this in 20 years she's going to throw them all out of the house some day when I'm out.



b.ridge said...

I'd like to amend the 20 years to 5 years. I can see your tramp stamp through that shirt fer chrissakes!

fuzzy said...

Damn Jeffey, your lady just called you out!
BRidge and Heather would probably get along very well.