June 30, 2009

For Sale: 46cm Brooklyn Gangsta Track $450

To make room for a new purchase I am selling my beloved Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta Track

$450 nets you the following:
46cm Gangsta Track frame (56cm effective top tube)
Gangsta Track Fork
Seat Collar
Seat Post
Stolen Insider Headset (white)

There is a very very small incidental dent on the underside of the top tube. I noticed it a few months ago and forgot about it until I stripped her down for sale. Invisible to the eye but you can feel it with your fingers.
Frame was ridden 8 months

Shipping to continental U.S.: $35

Location Minneapolis

If you would like to take this off my hands feel free to reach me at Jeff at bikejerks.com

New All-City Star Track Grip Colors

I wonder if these would match anything else that AC just put out??

via All-City Blog

Seward Co-op Bike Station

Swung by the Seward Co-op yesterday and spotted this nifty bicycle repair station next to the front doors

It's pretty cool that they're willing to provide this service to the community.

June 29, 2009


June 26, 2009


B. Ridge and I are heading out for some adventure this weekend. We'll do our best to have fun, I suggest you do the same.

June 25, 2009


This busted up ankle belongs to my man Vinnie of V.S..
Not a trick accident but a drunken one.
Heel up quick kid. Heel, get it. Woo. Yeah. Glad I was sitting down when I typed that one

Bike Parking

Big Block Complete Spec and Geo Charts

Are now available on the All-City site

June 24, 2009

All-City Caps

All-City Cycling caps, made in Italy, are now available.

via All-City Blog

did he land?

Kris & Chris from chris vistan on Vimeo.

sure would like to know if this kid landed that fakie wheelie

Peacock Groove Cross Bike and Custom Rack

I know, I know. I'm always posting Peacock Grooves up on the blog. But you have to understand that Erik's workshop is only four blocks away and when I see him with something like this I just have to take some pics.

Disc brake cross bike with a custom rack

beautiful rack strut ends
horizontals with hanger and signature dropout
the white bands on the ends of the headtube and bottom bracket are absolute killers. And this is powdercoat not paint!

signature chainstay guard

Carney's New Edit

Check out that double slider, fun box to barspin, and that last line.
Carney's ripping it up
via All-City blog

MIKE CARNEY MPLS from vincent shim on Vimeo.

June 22, 2009

Shag Bags

Early this spring I found myself down in Milwaukee for the MMI and had the opportunity to spend some time with the boys from Breakaway Couriers and noticed that they were using some very nice mess bags and backpacks. Upon inquiry it was learned that these were made by Shag Bags (Shaggy can only be reached via email: shagbags@gmail.com) and were made right there in Milwaukee.

The oral history of ShagBags, as told to me by Shag over drunken beers, was that he is a Milwaukee messenger and the gentleman who ran Dank! bags sold Shag his business. He taught Shaggy the ins and outs of bag construction and sold him the name. Shag carried on the Dank! name using the Dank! patterns and over time made his own improvements to the design. A few years on, the creator of Dank! decided he wanted to get back in the game, and Shag sold him back the name and struck out under his own moniker. (that little stitching on the front of the bags is meant to represent Shag's hair and goatee)

These are perhaps the nicest mess bags I've ever seen. The materials and construction are all top notch and his innovations such as the swing pocket on his backpack's are ingenious. I was super impressed, and have lusted after one ever since. Hopefully I'll have my pennies saved up soon for a nice backpack.

If you're looking for a new bag, you can't go wrong with this midwest goodness. They aren't cheap, but the finer things in life never are.

If you want more info, Ben's Cycle as recently wrote up the Shag Bag and as you can tell by the above images our homies at Urban Velo also did a nice write up a while ago.

Tattoo Locations

Thought that this was kind of funny

via HK Fixed

Rachel's Lotus

Kevin sent over some photo's of his update on Rachel's Lotus.

Complete with a new rear der, Brooks, and a stem that would make even Grant Peterson blush.

keep it classy

Little Edit

I like little vid's like this. looking good.

Untitled from chris sugino on Vimeo.

June 21, 2009


June 18, 2009


I'll be out all weekend doing thisback on Monday.

be good.