October 20, 2010

Riverlake Greenway

There's been some road work in the neighborhood and I've been bummed about it because they made my natural access to the house impassable in the direction I need to pass it in. They installed some weird traffic diverter that only allows right turns.

They also just built a divider on Chicago and 40th which does not allow cross traffic (down 40th).

We were initially quite annoyed with all this fooling around with our neighborhood, until tonight when B.Ridget did some googling and found out that the reason for these traffic stoppers is that they are turning 40th street from Lake Harriet to 28th into a bike corridor. Part of a larger corridor called the Riverlake Greenway that will then follow 42nd from Lake Hiawatha to the Mississippi river.

What’s new? Traffic calming measures like medians and bump-outs will help make 40th Street a preferred route for bicyclists and pedestrians – allowing local access but discouraging traffic from using 40th Street as a destination route or cut-through street. Share-the-road lane markings for bicycles and many newly planted trees are also featured on 40th Street.

This means that our house will now be on a Greenway. And we are flipping stoked. Not only will automobile traffic decrease and bike traffic increase, but they are increasing green spaces and tree planting along the route.

This is probably old news for you people who pay attention, but for us it was a happy surprise.

Our quality of living and our property values just went up!
so pumped.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I wish there were more people like you out there. I live in St. Paul and the stink that people put up for the Jefferson Ave bike way is frustrating. Public Works accidentaly painted sharrows on the road west of snelling and the neighbors put up so much of a stink that the council member for the ward had them go back and paint over them in black.

Biggs said...

I guess this has been in the works for a few years now, we heard about it when we bought our house 3 years ago (we are also on 40th and part of this project). Also, very excited to have less (car) traffic on our street.