October 20, 2010

Bike Jerks Presents: Track or Treat 4 Friday Oct 29th

bike jerks flyer option 2.1
Insanely rad flyer by Greg Bemis of - thanks so much

Track or Treat 4
  • Friday October 29th
  • 10 pm
  • $5
  • Fixed Gear Only
  • Time bonus for Costumes
  • Trackstand Contest before Race
  • Afterparty is a mini pub crawl through Nordeast 

That's right kiddies once more Bike Jerks is throwing your favorite fixed gear Halloween themed alleycat.

More details to come.

Sponsored by
Banjo Brothers

If you can volunteer to work the alleycat, please let me know.  I need the help.


Unknown said...

can the volunteers participate also?

via fuckyeahitsfixed.tumblr.com

Unknown said...

can volunteers participate?

fuck yeah its fixed

Cort said...

Oh you should totally have the trackstand be the start of the race. If you footdown you have to lay your bike down at the startline and back up 20-30 feet. Trackstand winner gets to go then everyone else goes Le Mans style once the winner crosses the startline.

If you suck at trackstanding at least your bike will be at the front of the startline.

Jeff said...

Cort, you called my phone. I lost the number, call me at work.

Jeff said...

I can volunteer give me a shout jeffzaayer at yahoo dot com