October 18, 2010

Milwaukee Marathon Metal

Our buddy Brad Dumville (the man who drew the metal and total jerks designs) recently participated in the Milwaukee Marathon.
Now Brad's a curious sort who has really come to emody what it is to be "metal" in my eyes. For example, all of his windows in his house are sealed shut and he has shipping blankets covering them to ensure that no light passes through. In the winter he keeps his house in the 40's, so as not to freeze the pipes or pay for unnecessary heating. In fact, this last year he pitched a camping tent in his living room because when he hangs out in there reading, the temperature inside the tent is 5 degrees warmer than outside. He also has a gigantic record collection, trades tapes all over the world, authored a Vegan cookbook where every recipe has a suggested metal listening companion and donates all of the proceeds from said book to charity, and plays in a noise band.

The first time I met Brad, he rode the Riverwest 24 hours solo on a fixed gear with bmx pedals while wearing a hat and long sleeves during the July heat 255 miles. Dude is super into the mind over the body type of thing and an extension of that pursuit is running marathons.

Here is what Brad looked like on raceday
3 hours 20.

Congrats dude!


Anonymous said...

Far too kind, Jeff. Most folks regard what you listed off as total dysfunction, and for the most part I have stopped arguing. It is as it is. And that's because it's the only way it could be. Massive thanks again for the custom Bike Jerks tech jersey. I was proud to represent.

Crafty said...

Much respect for anyone out there doing there thing no matter what the fuck other people say.

Tom said...

Rad. I have that cookbook, and its awesome.