October 21, 2010

Upcoming Bike Events in Eau Claire

David from my college town of Eau Claire sent over some fliers from some upcoming events that they've got cooking. E.C. is hands down the best drinking town (so cheap, and a world class bar in the Joynt) I've known. So if you can get there, you really should.

Stage Sprints of Doom, Oct. 23

This is not an alleycat. You will have to choose the route between checkpoints but you will only know what the very next checkpoint is. We may also hold off on telling you while waiting for a few more racers. Some people may also not find out what the next checkpoint is, but don't let that stop you. Your mind should be challenged as well as your body. Do whatever it takes to keep rolling. Checkpoint monitors will be informed of the final checkpoint (after-party) when we have our first racer in and everyone can converge. No manifests.
Prizes (including a Deep V with DT Comp spokes to an All-City hub)

Meet at Demmler park to register. You'll find out the first point a few minutes before the start. Race shall start at 2pm so get there before then to register.

And GhettoCross II Nov.6
Petty self-explanatory. Billed as the worse race of the year. Cash purse, maybe a few prizes. Get sloppy.

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