October 18, 2010

Fall 2010 Sticker Packs!

Due to frequent requests for stickers I have created the Fall 2010 Sticker Pack and now humbly offer it up to you dear reader.
The price is $5 and you get 13 stickers.

10 diecut Bike Jerks script font in various colors
2 of the beloved/hated No Skanks stickers
1 Classic Skull

represent the set

IMG_4866IMG_2861-1 (dragged)

Supplies are somewhat limited so if you've been looking for some stickers, I suggest you get on it.

You can buy it off the homepage, or at the Bike Jerks shop.

As always I will throw some stickers in with any t-shirt order.

1 comment:

craig said...

got some but it charged 2.50 for shipping. I still would buy them for 7.50 just letting you know.