December 20, 2010

Saturday: Trash Bags Pop Up Shop

Had a nice day on the town followed by a nice evening in.

Colossal Cafe



Andy had setup a tent inside Angry Catfish

The new Street Sweeper backpack

my first impressions of it are super positive. This is the next step in Andy really polishing his product. There are two sleeve pockets on either side of the main outside pocket. The outside pocket has a super effective super simple organizational divider. The side flap on the hood is also new.

The back is where the major improvements and difference between this and his earlier work lie. The structure of the back panel is new and more structural and he has added wings to the lower attachment of the shoulder straps. The way the bottom of the bag lays with an empty or small load is my only complaint in regards to how the custom bag he did for me this summer fits. The addition of the wings should remedy that and my bag is already being retrofit with this new detail.

*I was having a conversation with Andy the other day and we were discussing people price shopping him, and the whole thing took me as being very funny. You don't go to a custom frame builder and ask him to match Trek's prices. It's about the process as much as the product, the opportunity to interact with someone and have them build you something specific to your needs. It's not very often in the modern world that you have the opportunity to do that. Or the opportunity to enable someone else to make a days living with a skill they've taken a risk to make available.

The new Dustbin hip pack

Congrats to Andy on a successful first pop up shop.

We also went to Yeti records
It was my first time there and I spent a shit ton.

I bought a bunch of records and two strobe lights.

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Ryan House said...

Good ole Buddy Miles. I forget which DVD it was, but on one of the Hendrix DVD's he says something about him being the focal point of the Band of Gypsies. Cocaine is one hell of a drug...

Speaking of price shopping people. I was looking at getting one of Andy's bags this last week(it'll have to wait til after the new year) and my buddy was there saying "You should ask for a better price...It's only a bag." Then I filled him in on how he was being a dumbass, and Andy makes some stellar product and would be making a one of a kind bag that my kids would fight over.

Have fun in the snow today,