December 1, 2010

First Negative Temp Commute

It was the first time this year the temp (w/ windchill) was in the negatives this morning. It's crazy that right now 15 with a -1 windchill feels like hell, but in a month it'll feel like swimming weather. Time to let the beard grow and get tough.

I also set up my Nature Boy for the race on Saturday. 42X18, and the fattest cross tires I own. See you there.
30c Michelin that actually measures 36mm on the front and a 34c Vittoria on the rear. I was thinking about buying some fatter meats, but I cleaned my garage this weekend and was absolutely disgusted with my bicycle consumerism. I own so much shit that I don't need that it hurts my self esteem.

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Gui said...

and up north (Quebec city) we get 35F and 2 inches of rain .... how fucked up is that