December 19, 2010

St. Ides

St. Ides was run on Friday evening. I missed the start of the race due to indifference and a nap, but managed to make the afterparty at Grumpy's downtown. As always for these things once I got to the party and heard about how much fun the racers had I was jealous and cursed myself for being so lazy. Ever since the MMI this spring I just haven't been excited to go racing. I'm starting to feel like I've gotten lucky too many times and that sooner or later my number will be up. The stakes are high and I'm one of the lucky ones that my close calls have all been near misses.

winter cruiser locked up


Martin's Big Block Proto

awards, note the apologetic face

The big to do was that the first two racers in were Brandon and SK. The problem was that both neglected to put their name on their manifests. Forgetting to do so is rookie move #1, and both have plenty of races under their belts, w/ Brandon being a former winner of Track or Treat. They knew better.

It's a heartbreaking thing for a racer to have ridden his guts out and to lose on a technicality, but for me anyway, the controversy was put to rest when I arrived home and told B.ridge about the evening. Her response to this was something along the lines of "Seriously, was it their first race?"

Props to Brandon and SK for being the fastest out there. I don't remember who won, but I do know that Andy took second and the yellow bag. Everyone seemed to have had a great time.

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