December 22, 2010

First Impression: Chrome Soyuz Back Pack

I was in The Hub last week and was browsing their bags and came across the Chrome Soyuz laptop backpack. I've been looking for a slim and compact pack to use for commuting and was immediately drawn to the Soyuz's size and number of easily accessible pockets.

light loop and pen slot in middle of bag, lower zip pocket 

front flap open to show two outer sleeves

pulling front flap forward to show inner outer pocket organization

the gaping maw of the roll top compartment.  looks like a whale's mouth

the side laptop pocket

back of bag

If you've seen the Mission Workshop backpack that has been sweeping across this great nation's bike shop employees, then you're probably thinking to yourself that this backpack looks eerily similar.   Yeah, me too.  I don't claim to know what the deal is over there in San Francisco with the employees who left Chrome to start Mission, nor do I actually know any of those people in real life so those politics don't enter into the equation for me.   I'm guessing that it's a matter of the same people and ideas informing the design of both bags, rather than a case of rip off one way or the other.

What I do know though is that this thing looks bomber.  I'm expecting the same life out of this as the other Chrome bags I have owned,which have remained in like new condition after years of use and abuse.  It's sleek, well padded, well thought out and I'm hoping is the perfect size for my commuting needs.

This is the stuff I carry on a daily basis on my commute, plus a change of clothes
wallet, pen, marker, chapstick, tool pouch, camera case, lock, light, knife, emergency glasses

While it's a laptop backpack, the laptop pouch will house my tool bag and my camera.  The extra padding for the laptop should protect my back from these two super pokey items and the side access to the laptop area gives me easy access to my camera.

Marker went in outer pen slot, pen in inner, wallet in inner compartment, glasses in outer zip, knife on outer sleeve pocket.  Lock in deep pull forward pocket.

I'll start riding it tomorrow, I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

What size/type of camera fits in that case?

Jeff said...

Canon G11

Jeff said...

it's not a super tight fit, but it is water and smash proof.

Anonymous said...

i've this backpack since april and it is by far the best pack i have even owned.

very comfortable, well padded and its the perfect size.

i love the big pouch, its water proof and the lining pulls out so you can clean it. fill it with ice and a six pack and go

Anonymous said...

Chrome is coming out with a camara bag Spring 11!