December 3, 2010

Bandit Cross #3 Update


The race is on, whether (pun) or not we get snow tonight. If it snows just bring fatter tires. Remember that this is a "race" not a race. Ride it however you want. You want to go fast and turn yourself inside out, that's cool. You want to go slow and have multiple beer stops, that's great too. It's all in the adventure, and the prospect of snow is only going to make the adventure that much radder, and you know you have the payoff of beer and food at the end.

I imagine that for me personally if it's deep out there I'll bring the Pug and go into group ride mode.

If you don't want to meet the group at 2 to take the train out to the American Boulevard stop, be at the entrance to the low road by the Nature Center by 2:30.


Let's do this.


J.R. Hunter said...

Damn,I think I might do this one!!!!
what train stop do we meet at and time..
although I might ride leb!

Jeff said...

38th and Hiawatha for the ride to Bloomington, then get off at American Boulevard