December 22, 2010

Tool Kit

While I was doing that last post on the backpack I realized that I had never done anything on my tool kit. Now I don't claim to know what the perfect tool kit is nor I do suppose that my setup is ideal for anyone who isn't me, but I figured I'd share which tools I find essential enough to carry around with me everyday.

early Trash Bag tool pouch

my kit
from left to right
15mm box, chain tool, non glue patches, tire levers, 3 Wrencho, dental floss, more patches, 4/5 hex combo, red spoke wrench, pump, knife, chain segments, multi tool, pump, headlamp

Campagnolo tire & Schwinn tire levers: both thin and super ergonomic. The Schwinn especially has nice area to push with your thumb

Portland Design Works 3 Wrencho: The 3 Wrencho isn't in here for it's box end, I can't give up my big 15mm, it's in there because it's the best tire lever I have ever used and if you flat on a tire that has a tough bead it can really save your ass, especially in cold weather or on a Pug wheel (or on a Pug wheel in cold weather). It's thin enough to easily slide under the bead, it's coated so as to not gouge your rim, and it's steel so you can pry without worry of breakage.

When I need to mess with seat height I pocket the 4/5 combo
The chains are segments for every size chain I ride: 8 speed, 9 speed, 10 speed, 1/8th"

Generic Leatherman style tool (in pouch) with pliers, and various tool bits
700X23-25c tube: fits in my summer bikes and stretches to fit the winter ones
headlamp: you never know

That is what I carry in my kit. Is there a tool that you find essential that I'm missing?


Anonymous said...

What's the dental floss for, besides flossin'?

Jeff said...

just straight flossing, getting things stuck in your teeth sucks.

Nova_C said...

+swiss army knife. good for impromptu snacks, picking glass outta my tires (i keep my nails supershort), and a tapestry needle. tapestry needle is for using dental floss to sew up my tire/knitting-related purposes. cool story, bro: this method once saved my ass on a trip down the west coast.