June 16, 2010

Bike Jerks X Trash Bags: Finished Project

So here's the deal, after planning on doing this for months and me consistently flaking out (the man has the patience of a saint) Andy and I got together, I laid out my dream bag, and he stitched it up in time for my trip to NYC.

It's pretty damn cool that he took the time to make a truly custom bag. It really speaks to the awesomeness of doing business with local folks.


The top pouch is for my wallet, keys, etc. The bottom pouch is for tools. Both are waterproof.

The straps on the side are for cargo. I fairly often carry wheels, frames, or the dreaded pair of rims. These straps, which Andy has nicely hidden when not in use, should work great for all of those items.

blinky light mount

inside top pouch

side mesh pockets hold u-lock, water bottles or whatever. There is also a u-lock holster on the waist belt


inside main compartment

padded back and straps



Thanks so much Andy!!

I'm trying to get him to make more of these so there can be an actual Bike Jerks X Trash Bags major collabo thing happening. We'll see what he says.


Anonymous said...

Sweet bag. I am interested in how the waterproof material works out. The material looks similar to that on a Chrome bag and the only reason why I'm not a fan of it is that when my back sweats, it gets sucked inside and soaks anything made with paper.

Anonymous said...

whose fantastically awesome giant dodge-mobile in the background of the first image. it's HAWT and i want to whip some shitties in it.

julimtat2 said...

Very good !

Anonymous said...


Noren said...

thats my tuck, a 1986 Dodge Ramcharger with a 360 four barre; engine, and a 4 speed manual.
It is epically awesome.

J.R. Hunter said...

Sweet bag, I would buy one.eric even sweeter dodge!