December 30, 2010

Favorite FGFS Photos 2010

Here are the best shots from my camera in 2010 of people getting rad on a fixed gear. While I didn't have the opportunity to shoot many FGFS photos this year, I am pretty proud of the ones below.

#4 Wonka bank to wall Midwest Mayhem in Milwaukee, January 2010
While this isn't the greatest photo, this bank to wall was the biggest thing anybody had seen done on a fixed gear at that point. I would even argue that the moment captured here will go down as one of the most important moments in fixed gear freestyle. The trick not only changed everyone who was present's (which was pretty much everybody who is a name in FGFS) idea of what was possible, but after that weekend the direction that the equipment would take was pretty transparent. This was the game changer.

#3 Tom LaMarche pedal grind Milwaukee, January 2010
tom grind
The lights in the background totally do it for me

#2 Antonyo footjam whip at the Bicycle Film Festival New York Street Jam, June 2010
I keep wanting to crop out the hand and camera, but the photo isn't nearly as good if you can't clearly see the scale and pitch of the ramp

#1 Tom LaMarche wallride Milwaukee, January 2010
tom wall ride
you had to hop a curb and snowbank on the way into the tranny, the transition itself was sketchy and uneven, the fence was jank as fuck. Tom LaMarche absolutely killed it

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