December 21, 2010


Ran some errands yesterday during the snow and the riding was really good. Once you got some speed you were able to motor right through the slop. The drivers were all freaked out though, and it was bumper to bumper on the main streets. I'm always amazed that here in the Midwest where it snows all winter, a few inchs on the ground still manages to turn the city into a total shit show everytime. Although I will say this though, we were shoveling tonight and I had literally no place to put the snow from our driveway. If it keeps up like this, it's going to become a problem for everyone.

I was cruising down Hennepin with no one behind me and a car ahead, when a lady stuck in parking lot traffic rolled down her window from the oncoming lane and yelled "Not Smart" to me as I sailed past. All I could muster back was an unimaginative "fuck you," and that made me sad. Sad for not having a better comeback, and sad that people think you'd have to be crazy to get around under your own power during adverse conditions.
Have fun sitting in your car, asshole.

Bikes are fucking unstoppable.


Kyle said...

Not cool at all Jeff! What kind of reasoning or logic do people use when say things like that? I've also been there before when it comes to comebacks on the bike. Don't feel too bad, it happens.

Unknown said...

I don't know about unstoppable. I was pretty well stopped last night on my way home from work last night. I could barely make any progress on the greenway through 4" of slushiness. I could barely hold a straight line and spent most of the time just fishtailing down the trail. The streets were better, but they were also bumper-to-bumper, so they didn't really seem like a better option. My 30 minute bike commute turned into about 1.5 hours.

But, I guess... I didn't stop....

The Shed Master said...

When people either yell, honk or give me the ol' 1 finger i respond with a simple wave. It's not worth further agravation.

ps - send some of that snow this way to MKE. I got a new Pugsley and no worthy snow to ride it in.

Unknown said...

I love rolling up to people at the red light and look at me like I'm some kind of maniac.

Unknown said...

Reminds me of the time on the first snow of the year when my roommate and myself went out for some good ol' winter riding. On the way back we were going down a street where two cars were stuck in the deep snow and there was a line up of 5 more in each direction (T-crossing) waiting for the mess to clear. As we we're giggling along through the fresh passing the line of cars a "gentleman" from a red truck that was last in line spoke up saying "fucking idiots" which prompted the response, "we're going to be home in a minute drinking a beer, and you'll be here for another 10 minutes and who knows how long on the road after that."