December 17, 2010

No Jail Time for Hit and Run Driver

If you've been following this story it has now reached a conclusion in the criminal matter.

EAGLE, Colo. -- A hit-and-run driver who plowed into a cyclist in Vail will has been sentenced to probation, community service and making charitable donations -- a sentence that has outraged the victim.

Eagle County District Judge Frederick Gannett on Thursday night sentenced the driver, Martin Erzinger, to 90 days in jail, but suspended the jail time.

Instead, Erzinger, 52, will lose his driver's license for a year and have to take a leave of absence from his Denver hedge-fund manager job and complete 45 straight days of community service. He's also ordered to make charitable donations, instead of paying court fines

Let's hope the victim gets a healthy civil judgement.

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