October 23, 2011

Bandit Cross Video

Here's a vid of the first runup at today's race. That screaming in the background is Baroo, wanting to get off his leash to run with the bikes.

If you missed today's race, you missed a flipping good one. And make sure you watch the video until the dude with the Nice Ride comes through. Those bikes weigh like 50lbs (no joke) and he hauled that thing up three runups per lap for 7 laps.


J.R. Hunter said...

Massive turnout! I love the Nice ride,but what I really like about the Nice ride is you can hear it "Clunk" when he puts it back down!

Brandon Krawczyk said...

Thanks again for putting this on!
Super fun times

Martin said...

Sick course with good peoples. One for the record books!

Anonymous said...

this was fun as hell to shoot,
i had the camera attached to a tree to stay out of the way,
if you havent already seen my pics here they are....


Eric Shoultz