October 23, 2011

Milwaukee Bureau Chief Back At His Desk

Dudes and Dudettes. Damn. I have been super super busy for the last however god dang long - some for good reason (for the love of Milwaukee and it's wandering cyclists - more soon) and some for sad reason (I am helping move my beloved Tina out to L.A. for the winter - bout 6 months or so or until one of us cracks.) At any rate, she's promised to post from that land of wonder regularly for all you Jerks - I have no doubt there will be plenty to share. I've been sitting on a shit ton of photos that I just got uploaded since my Flickr account was expired and I've really been that broke. Here are some photos from The Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw and a trip to Detroit.

Some producer folks approached Tina about starring in a show for the Travel Channel focusing on small town Midwest Festivals throughout the year and these are from the sample pilot -

detriotcowchip 006
detriotcowchip 001
detriotcowchip 009

This is the mascot turd -

detriotcowchip 010

Here is a toss -

detriotcowchip 015

And of course all the stars were there -

detriotcowchip 020

The longest toss was well over 100 yards by a dude who drank protein shakes like mad before his turn. A serious contest. Tina did not win. We'll see what comes of this - there are a million festivals like this every weekend of the year here in the Midwest, and people everywhere else gots to know.

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