October 19, 2011

Rhinelander Trip Day One: Friday

For the second year in a row Joshy, Matty, Burma, and myself headed up to the place of my birth to celebrate it's anniversary this past weekend. On the docket was drinking, riding, and family.

What better way to celebrate than good trails, some of my best friends in the world, dogs, a shack, and dinner with my folks.

the back of the van

This is where the fun starts, on the way up to Rhinie we stopped off at Dukes bowling alley (famous for it's hot beefs, or so the sign says) in Abbotsford WI. Abbotsford sits right next to Colby (where both my parents are from) and I spent much time in the area when I was growing up and visiting my grandparent's farms. While I always enjoy stopping in the area very much, the weird thing is that I know that for the rest of my life I will be coming to this place (Colby Abbotsford, not Dukes) because my parents have purchased burial plots near the farm where my mother grew up. I have a hard time not thinking of all the funerals that we've had here, and the days in the future where I will come to pay my respects to my parents.

Not to get all emotional or introspective or anything like that, but you know, that's sort of what birthdays are about.

Anyway, take a look at the woman at the bar. Notice the tie dye and the tracheotomy.

As soon as we got in the place, I head right for the juke box, and she's digging the classic country of Coe and Waylon. She slips me a dollar and says to play more. I ask if she's got any requests, and she says that I'm doing a good job so just continue, but a little Willie if I please. Well I do please.

We sit down to eat our roast beefs (horrible btw) and she wants to keep chatting. Now if I had the time, you bet your ass I'd dance this old ladies ass off, but for now we're on a tight budget and she starts coming on a bit strong. Things are getting weird.

We finish up our sandwiches with some weird chocolate mouse (w/booze) shots in syringes that the very cute bartender gives us on the house (we think she liked Matty).
mainline that shit dawg

At this point the old lady keeps wanting to chat, but we've got to get out. I see her ask the bartender for a pen, and she starts writing on a napkin. I've seen this sort of behavior before and I want to get gone quick, so I holler at the boys to drink em down and we bust out.

As I start the van, she comes running out of the bar, I roll down the window, and she hands me this.
IMG_0219Sadly, we did not go back on Sunday and have no plans on partying with her in the future, though I will say that she won us over with her spirit.


ol crooked spine

We rode the Washburn Lake trails that evening, though I did not get any photos of us doing so.

this was the new stereo setup, a Numark TT01 to computer speakers. Shit sounded amazing, though I have to return the turntable because it has some speed issues.



It was a great start to the trip.

more tomorrow.


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