October 24, 2011


Since I need to wrap up the posts regarding last weeks adventures, before showing the goods from this weekend, here are my photos from traveling up to Cayuna to ride on Monday.

There's been a ton of hype around Cayuna, and I've got to say that it lived up to every bit of it. Shit's awesome, and like no where else in the Midwest that I've ridden. Tons of rollers to get your pump on and catch a little air, fun downhills (although most are fairly brief) and if you work at it, you can easily carry your momentum around most sections. If you haven't yet, you should definitely get up there to ride this year. The trails are in perfect condition right now.

Chuckles, James, Joshy, and I headed to the Cayuna lakes trails, near Brainerd.


James on one of the skinnys.

The view from one of the climbs, supposedly this lake is several hundred feet. This area was all pit mines at one point and the lakes are where they dug,the hills in the area are where they put the displaced materials.

That's it for my photos, again, I was way more interested in riding that photographing. Hopefully I'll go back soon and bring back more actual trail shots.

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