October 21, 2011

Bandit Cross This Sunday

I don't mean to beat you over the head with this shit, but christ am I fired up for this weekend's race. I think that this course is really going to be spectacular, and I just want to once more implore you to show up, race, spectate, and bring some beer.

I was out there today with the film crew scouting shots and light, here are a few images from around the course

totem pole near the course, but not on it

the dirt under those leaves is hard as concrete, when raked and pruned the sections like this are going to be FAST

you'll be riding across this little stream, easy in easy out

and running up this famous bridge

There is one other stream crossing that you will be running, so bring a spare pair of socks.

Get pumped!

1 comment:

Terence said...

Yo! I want to race - it will be my first cyclocross race :D
Do I register beforehand somehow or just show up? What time should I get there?