October 20, 2011

Rhinelander Trip Day Two: Saturday

We woke up around noon on Saturday, ate breakfast at the folks house and hit the trails around 2pm. We rode Raven first, then Hanson lake. Unfortunately I didn't stop to take very many photos midride on this trip, but here's what I got:

van at the trailhead

stop along the lake

The shore is incredibly sandy, and the water pure and clear. It's a bummer that I never ride these trails in summer, when a good mid ride swim can be had at any number of spots.

The teeter totter at the skills section, do you see how color coordinated I am?
Total accident.


Burma on it

and that is the last of the photos from the day, as I left my camera at my parents house in my riding bag.

Oh, and here's a video of that whole teeter totter stunt from a few year's back. I assure you, it's both cooler and harder than it looks, as the angle coming off the teeter throws a huge wrench in things.

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