October 28, 2011


Saw these in a store, and it said that if you keep them around they will drive off pests such as spiders and centipedes. I'd never heard of such a thing, but B.Ridget had, so we decided to give them a shot. Though now that I get around to doing this blog post, I poked around the internet and it says it's all a bunch of stupid Iowa bullshit.
I feel so duped.


Snakebite said...

We use them at work to keep crickets from coming in as the weather gets colder. I can't speak for other insects, but it does work very well for crickets.

TimP said...

If nothing else, depending on size and weight, you could always make some new sport with 'em. Any sport with hedgeball in the name has got to take off and stick. Plus they kind of look like brains up close. You could work them into your decorations.

Anonymous said...

White people problems

Vanessa said...

they do keep all insects and creepy crawlies away... depending on how hard you throw them.