October 18, 2011

Bandit Cross Update: Change of Venue

One of the things with regards to Bandit Cross that I've felt has been lacking is variety of course. If we're really going to keep doing this (we are) and want the idea to take hold and blossom, we need to start branching out to other courses in the metro area.

While planning the first race since the ACC Bandit Cross in August, I felt a bit bummed that none of my other ideas for courses have manifested themselves (except for the snowy low road race last December) and I was pretty uninspired to do another one at Hobo, but it was the only course ready.

Well, after spending the weekend in the woods and seeing that Sunday is supposed to be amazing weather wise (60's), I really felt the need to find a wooded area to enjoy the warm fall light and weather for this upcoming race. Luckily I stumbled onto an amazing section of woods off the bike path to Fort Snelling, using pieces of trail that the Homie has utilized in the past.

I've got a sweet course mapped out that only requires a bit of raking to make perfect for racing. I don't believe that we'll cause any disturbance and the terrain is pretty spectacular. Two stair climbs, a bit of techy riding, and a nice paved section.

Please join me at 3pm at Sea Salt for the race meetup, we will roll out to our spot in the woods from there.

I'll be out early to rake and setup the course around 1pm and would love for some of you to join me. It'll only take a short while, and your efforts make this possible.

I really believe that this is going to be a special event, if you can be there, you best do it.

If you can meet up for trail work, please hit me up.

This course is going to be seriously good, sorry for the late venue change.

Facebook Event Page here

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