October 21, 2011

YNOT Gulper

One of the things on my agenda at this year's Interbike was to get Bridget a small backpack to use for daily commuting. After running into my friends from Toronto's YNOT Cycle and seeing their wares, I ended up buying her one of their medium Gulper bags, and we have both been super impressed with the quality and professionalism of the design and execution.

Have a look

the velcro on the top flap means you can use it both as a flap bag or as a rolltop, allowing it to adjust to your current load and needs

inside the front pocket

the back has a very nice square structure that is sturdy, but not stiff

the straps are wide, thin, and appropriately padded

nice side reinforcements on the bottom

side compartments on both sides w/drain hole

laptop sleeve in the main interior. you'd think that the blaze orange would be annoying, but it's actually quite cute.

Overall it's a great size bag for everyday (non messenger) use, and the stitching and materials are on point. If you're in the market for one, the price is $199

Congrats to the YNOT bros, shit's looking great.

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K said...

ordered one of these last week and i can't wait to receive it. stoked!