October 3, 2011


was a huge day.

B.Ridge and I took the Space Horse's and Baroo down to the Low Road for a ride and some excercise. I would have taken like a billion adorable photos but my camera lens must have gotten some schmutz in it and I kept getting a lens error. It was telescoped all the way out and would not return to a closed position. (I eventually worked it out postride)

Then later that day Joshy, Viceroy Tubbs n' Chubbs, D.O. and I went mountain biking over at Lebanon Hills.

This was the first time I had ridden the new closing section with the huge berms and jump line, and I gotta say that it was freaking sweet. They've done a ton of work to those trails and they keep getting better and better. I highly recommend getting over there if you haven't for a while.

I was riding my Homegrown for the first time in a year and half, and had done some work to it the night before. New tires, Small Block 2.35's, a King headset, and a different chainring setup, had this thing riding like a dream.

It's got such a crazy fast front end compared to my El Mariachi that it took some getting used to, but after a few miles it really began to feel great and made me remember why I love it so. It picks through techy sections better than any bike I've ever ridden, and it climbs like a bat out of hell.

This bike was my only one (except for a trials and BMX) for about five years and I rode everything on it, raced cross country (it was my last frame from racing for Schwinn), trials, dirt jumped, and commuted. I have more of an emotional attachment to this bike than any of my other ones. I won't ever sell it, though someday I hope to break it. (I mean I don't want to break it, but someday those welds have got to give) With every session on the jump line, I wondered if this would be it for my trusty aluminum companion, but all it ever does is beg for more.

After the session I tore off the diaper and slipped into my trusty Sport Kilt, which I keep in the van for post ride genital freedom. I then proceeded to catch holy hell from the dudes for my stupid skirt. Now I know they're in the right, that it's dumb as fuck and I look ridiculous, but try telling that to my balls. They love the thing.
While we're on the topic, this Sport Kilt dates way back to '96 when I ordered it out of the BTI catalog. They marketed these things to cyclist as an easy way to change into your riding clothes in parking lots, parking lot superman, without showing the goods or being confined by small car seats. Now you know.

My man Tubbs n' Chubbs in the car

and on the grill.

He fixed up some righteous bacon and blue cheese burgers, which we ate around the fire, drinking with our ladies and letting the dogs play.

I had family time, I had dude time, I had a backyard session.

It was a spectacular Saturday.
Here's to a long and prosperous fall season.

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