April 11, 2012

Stolen Bike Alert: MPLS


From a U of M student comes this:

Some thief over the weekend cut my lock and stole my all black Dawes single speed. I know it'll be very hard to tell if it's mine, but just want people to keep an eye out for it. Mine was locked up next to about 40 bikes on the UMN campus and they only stole mine!

She's right about it being difficult to identify, but please please keep your eyes peeled for this thing around town. If you spot it, drop me a line. Let's get it back.


Anonymous said...

Looks similar:


Anonymous said...

Almost looks like the same brickwall, too. I found my stolen bike on Craigslist and went and got it back.

Manny said...

Cable Lock = cut in under 2 seconds.