April 25, 2012

Favorite Things

I like cycling kit.

It makes me feel fast, it makes me feel pro.  I fancy myself a somewhat pragmatic person and there is simply no other getup better for riding a bicycle.  (cold weather and such not permitting)  

this is the part where you say thank you to my sound judgement

Many of my friends are of the kits are for roadies/poseurs/etc school of opinion.  They wouldn't be caught dead in a "tutu and tap shoes," unless of course it's a very long ride in which case sometimes they'll bend to the occasion.  They know the right way  to go, but their sense of fashion impedes their sense of practicality.

Fuck feeling bad about it, these are the tools of the cycling trade.  I like the ridiculousness of it, the tan lines, the flattering of the leg, the fact that they make guys in pickup trucks yell "fag" out the window.

I like feeling like a streamlined son of a bitch, I like the fact that it's as close to naked as you can get and ride a bike (I'll tell you the naked mountain bike story sometime, but let's just keep it short and say that the idea is better than the reality),  and I ain't afraid to say so.

Bump that shit, homie. Loud and proud.


agleck7 said...

a little pre-plug for the bike jerks kit?

rdrey said...

Cycling kits are king. I wear a full kit (no over-shorts or anything) in the dead of summer on my commute which takes me through Camden, NJ - one of America's most "dangerous" cities. I like to think I'm bewildering people with my dick print, which cannot be black-boxed out in real life ;).

!!! said...

after a decade or so of "iron-tainting" it with swim trunks and soccer jerseys, i went full kit.

being a dork is good.

Cort said...

Always looking for a good jersey and bibs. Thankfully I get the discount.