April 17, 2012

Bike Jerks Night Ride Next Tuesday

making good on some of those ride plans I spoke of last week...

night ride

Bike Jerks Night Ride
Tuesday April 24th

Low Road to Sibley

Meet at the Minnehaha Roundabout at 7:30

This will be a quick paced jag on the Low Road to Sibley route. If the crowd is interested their might be a beer stop at the Sunrise on the way back. Expect to be back in town by 10pm for beddy by.

I'll be bringing lights, but am hoping to Jedi the route

I know it's a bit of effort to drag your ass out on a school night, but this should be all kinds of fun.

Facebook Page for the event


Anonymous said...

distance? pace?

Anonymous said...

is the low road currently ride-able on a cx bike?

Jeff said...

It is totally rideable on a cross bike. That's what I'm riding.

round trip, around 30 miles.

Open Face Helmets said...

Will it be safer to ride a motorcycle during the night rather the day?