April 1, 2012

For Sale: Croll Track Frame 55cm


Tried riding this, but it's a hair too small for me so I want to pass it on to a good home. It's stripped down to a frameset now, but I only have pictures of it built up.

Croll 55cm Track Frame w/ fork
top tube 55 ctc

Most likely Reynolds 531 tubing. This is supposedly one of only a handful that Walter Croll himself tig welded. It's a very early and rare Croll. I've always wanted a Croll track bike so I pounced on this one when it became available at the swap meet, it's just a bit too small for me so I'm hoping that one of my friends will want it. Minneapolis Steel at it's finest.

Check out the chain stays on this thing, the back end is massive

let me know if you want it. jeff at bike jerks

1 comment:

eddo said...

Hey Jeff!

I sent an email about the Croll - but I'd really like to see it and am ready to buy it if all is looking good.

I'll send another email - if it doesn't go through again, can you send a note to edward8hong at gmail.com