April 16, 2012

Bike Jerks Presents: Bandit Cross Minnehaha Course 4/22

race 8

Bandit Cross
April 22nd
3pm race
2pm trail work

Minnehaha dog park bike path

This is on the now legendary Minnehaha dog park race course. Show up at 3 and get your cross on. We'll once more be based at the bridge run-up, cruise down the Fort Snelling bike path from the Minnehaha entrance and you'll spot the group for sure.

This is easily the most technically demanding and most awesome of the Bandit Cross courses. We've got two stream crossings and two stair run ups. Expect a few modifications from last fall's race.

As always, we must tread lightly as this is their world, and we're just borrowing it for a few hours. Coming back to the dog park area makes me a bit nervous, but I suppose if we can have Homey there, a little Bandit Cross ain't gonna hurt.

Please bring some tools and lend a hand in the trail work.

Facebook page for the event

For a taste of the course check this out

1 comment:

Ol' Dirty Biker said...

Dammit, 2 in a row I'm out of town during! Jonesing for Bandit CX!